Zarb-i-Azb: Premature declarations of victory can undermine success

Zarb-i-Azb is a huge success and militants are on the run. This is the constant drum beat from ISPR. However, not all militants have received the latest ISPR press release. Same day, a bomb blast in Bannu killed five innocents. Seven security officials were killed in Balochistan and KP. Terrorists may be down, but it’s hard to argue that they are on the run.

It should also be noted that Army has reported finding evidence of al Qaeda presence in Pakistan, and Deobandi extremist groups such as ASWJ are declaring support for international terrorist group ISIS. Also, new reports that Karachi terrorist groups are also aligning with ISIS.

While it is understood that ISPR wants to boost the morale of the Army and the people to support the fight, it is also important not to repeat past mistakes of declaring victory too soon.

Dawn 1971

The fight against terrorists is not going to be quick or easy and ISPR should be preparing the country for a long and hard struggle against militants that have spread throughout the country. Premature declarations of victory will only confuse and discourage the masses in this fight for our very survival.

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