Imran Khan: Musharraf Sahib Mujse Shadi Karoge?

Is love in the air? For months I have been seeing headlines reporting the great Imran Khan has called for the government to go. So wasn’t it only a matter of time before the new wanna-be coup leader got together with the last guy to come up with this same plan?

This is why I could not help but laugh a little bit to myself when I read that Musharraf and Imran Khan are courting!

Musharraf, who formed and runs a political party in exile, has started exploring new political allies and the PTI is one of them. The PTI has instructed its chapters in western countries neither to speak against Musharraf nor lodge any protest on his arrival there, an advice being strictly followed. Imran Khan, PTI’s chief, has recently been gifted a puppy by Musharraf who used to criticize Imran Khan frequently. The puppy was born at a dog centre at the Musharraf’s farmhouse.

An old dictator and a wanna-be dictator sending each other puppies and sweets. How cute! But Imran Khan have more in common than a love of coups and puppy dogs.

My friends have taken to jokingly calling PTI as ‘Tehreek-i-Internet Pakistan’ since they have a very impressive presence on Facebook, but can’t seem to win any elections. Perhaps this is also why Musharraf feels such a natural connection. He can combine his 400,000 Facebook supporters with Imran Khan’s 160,000 supporters and then they can have a dharna demanding a new province Facebookistan and they can take turns overthrowing each other in their own provincial assembly.

Think about it: Imran Khan and Musharraf can hold Internet dharnas all day long without their supporters having to suffer without AC; they can plot coups and counter-coups against each other without adding to the killing; and with their very own Facebookistan province, their combined total of 600,000 supporters will finally be enough to win an election.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can get along with trying to figure out some realistic solutions to the difficult problems of extremism, inflation, and load shedding.

Author: Mahmood Adeel

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  1. Shut up u joker ur just a puppet think if Imran khan and musharff both tackled problems in Pakistan who would benefit. If only they had the opportunity they would change Pakistan for the better so be a support and help Pakistan and not destroy

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Author: Mahmood Adeel