Fact Box: International Funding for Flood Relief (UPDATE)

The UN has rated the flood disaster as the greatest humanitarian crisis. So how are the nations of the world responding? The facts are pretty interesting.

As you can see, not much has changed. The major differences seem to be that the USA and Norway have pledged to give significantly more (with the US way out in front).

Over the past few days, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visited and declared the scale of the disaster “beyond imagination”.

Now, US Senator John Kerry is on his way to survey the damage and raise awareness among his countrymen, so we could see US funding raise to even higher levels.

Let’s pray that the international community truly recognizes the scope of this tragedy and reacts accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Fact Box: International Funding for Flood Relief (UPDATE)

  1. USA being Pakistan’s number one ally tops the list of international donors after the devastating floods. Netherlands is in second place. Now to all the militants and Taliban apologists, no Muslim country has even dared to match these figures? Do we still have to believe that USA is out to get us or is it time that we start chasing the real enemy?

  2. The major portion of aid has come from UK and USA. The pledge of 100 million from PPL has been a local achievement. The West is praised for the fast allocating of assistance.

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