BREAKING: Bilawal Statement on Politics & Floods

“I felt it was necessary to issue a statement to counter some inaccurate information that has recently been reported. It has been stated that I am going to launch my political career this Saturday in Birmingham. This is not true. In fact, I will not even be attending the event and instead I will be opening a donation point at the Pakistani High Commission in London for victims of the terrible floods which have ravaged northern Pakistan.  As for my future plans, I intend to continue my education both academic and political. I am currently looking into the possibilities of studying law, just as my grandfather Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did. I feel that an understanding of law and an appreciation for the rule of law is important for any politician seeking to strengthen democracy in Pakistan.”

“I have been inundated with requests from the British Media for interviews. Following my mother’s assassination, the press had kindly agreed to allow me to continue with my education without being disturbed. I hope this courtesy will be extended until I complete my further education as well. I do look forward to working with the media, the international community and most importantly the people of Pakistan in the future to achieve our shared goals of strengthening democracy in Pakistan and combating the forces of extremism that robbed me of my mother and threaten the world today.”

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

16 thoughts on “BREAKING: Bilawal Statement on Politics & Floods

  1. Media just wants to ask him how he feels about having vacations in normandy(FRANCE) and in the UK with his family which includes the PRESIDENT of Pakistan when the nation has seen almost 2000 deaths.
    In the past week Pakistan witnessed its worst plane crash, worst floods and worst ehtnic clashes in karachi. And where is the President?

  2. Bilawal can be our next political hero, it is no doubt but important is that he will be our next Zulifqar Ali Bhutto.

  3. @Shahzain Bilawal is not a politician. Why he can’t go on vacation wherever he wants? Are you helping the countless victims while you are typing your comments? Then leave Bilawal alone like you would like to be left alone also. Let him make his own future please!

  4. @ Hamid .. Are you sure he is not a politician? Because I feel he is playing a double game. Is he not the president of the ruling party of Pakistan? Does he not make political speeches during party conventions? Btw he has graduated so technically he is not a student at the moment. Also, I agree with you on the point where you say that he can vacation where ever he can. But having the status that he has is it appropriate to exercise this particular right? at this particular time in the history of Pakistan.
    Actually this is funny. Few years down the line when he is on a talk show and people ask what he was doing at that time .. what will he say? Oh err actually I was on a vacation with my DAD who btw was also the President of the country at that time !
    As a matter of fact I am helping the victims. If any member of this corrupt family somehow reads this and decides to learn from its mistakes and actually help the people of Pakistan then I think I have done my part.

  5. @ Shahzain The real double game is against Bilawal. If media reports that he is entering politics, people complain. If Bilawal says he is not entering politics and will actually be helping flood victims, people complain also. Here is my question for you – you say that if any member of the family decides to help the people then you will have done your part. Bilawal has declared that he will be opening a donation point at the Pakistani High Commission in London for victims of the terrible floods. Will you now praise him for helping the people? Or will you only condemn him because you do not like his father? This is what seems to be the problem is that nobody will let Bilawal simply be Bilawal. Are you judging him on his own acts or on the acts of his father?

  6. @ Hamid Actually I thought I was pretty clear in my last post. Indeed, if he is going to open a donation box at the High Commission then that is a good thing which is commendable. If ppl complain about him joining politics is because he is a 19 yr old foreign brought up KID who is legally and mentally not capable of joining politics actively, thus the complains.
    Now imagine a poor Pakistani who has suffered in the past fortnight or so. When he watches the news he sees the president of the PPP vacationing in Europe. The fact that he is accompanied by his father who is President of Pakistan makes it only worst. Also, the fact that he as an INDIVIDUAL agrees to such a vacation at this time of disaster is to say the least very condemnable! Would it be wise for anyone to accept to go to such a vacation with the president of pakistan at this time of turmoil. I think that people are correct again in complaining about this. And just btw what kind of a message is he sending to Pakistanis?
    Because to me it seems that here is a person who went on a vacation with his pres. father and then goes on an official visit to UK after Cameron’s views and realizes there is a lot of criticism going on in PK so decides to do something ‘praiseworthy’ after over 2000 people have died.
    My friend Hamid, Nations and its leaders come to a halt when such a big catastrophe occurs.
    The actions of Bilawal & Family are worth COMPLAINING!

  7. @ Hamid..
    One fine day the people of Pakistan got to know that the president of one of the biggest political parties is a 19 yr old kid. Few months later that party became the ruling party. Honestly, would you not complain to hear about this unfortunate fact that the future of a country like Pakistan is in the hands of a 19 yr old foreign brought up KID?
    I do not think that I was judging Bilawal on the acts of his father in my earlier posts. Actually, I condemn his acts since he agreed to go on a vacation with his president father when his country is in such turmoil. Frankly, I feel any Pakistani who is ENJOYING at such a time of turmoil is condemnable to say the least.
    Bilawal not only went on this vacation when over 2000 people have died but has also gone on to a official visit to the UK. I think the fact that he has obviously agreed to the timing of this vacation and foreign trip is worth complaining.
    The way I see it here is an INDIVIDUAL who goes on to vacations when over 2000 people are dead back home and then courageously goes on to another foreign trip to the UK. And finally when he realizes that the ppl are blabbing too much he decides to do something ‘praiseworthy’. But this has happened after about 7-8 days of devastation. Perhaps, this could have been done earlier but hey sorry he couldnt have done this earlier because he was on VACATION give me a break !
    This is definitely not what a sufferer wants to see his future leader doing.
    My friend nations come to a halt when such calamities occur.. this is not the ideal example to say the leat.

  8. I think statement of Bilawal is positive!
    he should help Pakistan ……………..
    Because he is future leader of pakistan!!

  9. I agree with bilawal…leave the guy alone man nd spare him atleast till he finishes his studies…i think he will will make his mother and grand father proud…jus wait nd see

  10. “Leave the boy alone” if he has the commitment like Z A Bhutto, love for his nation like ZA Bhutto,Pain for his people like Z A Bhutto and have the courage to say that his father and mother has stolen billion of dollar from people of pakistan then people of pakistan can not leave him alone.

    If “the boy” want a right to rule pakistan so that he can come and add more billions in his inherited wealth then “Boy leave pakistan”

    If boy want to be like ZA bhutto studying only law is not enough.. he needs leadership and i am sure the days of leadership inheritance are getting over very soon

    Love your people , feel the pain of your people and cry when they cry not fly out when they need u. Think Pakistan wake up pakistan…

  11. A clean statement that should keep some quarters
    at arms length.What he must understand and study
    the failures of his late grandfather and late mother in handling both political and economic crisis.How many times he must have read Lord Acton
    and ‘Absolute Power’would he after graduating in Law be able to balance the scales with both eyes
    blindfolded?If he were to study the life of one great Diplomat and Scholar the late UN Secretary General Dag Hammarsjkold; He could ponder why in most third world countries Politicians fail to deliver the goods and are booted out by Military.
    Today if every person who holds power in any form
    would place this quote from Hammarsjkold it would
    give them a better understanding of their weakness
    in power.’Your position never gives you the Right
    to command.It only imposes on you the duty of so leading your life that others can receive your orders without being Humiliated.’

  12. Pakistani media unfortunately is so competitive with each other that they mostly end up posting any rubbish gossip that they hear just to get the ’ BREAKING NEWS ’ edge !!!
    Bilawal has taken a wise decision to attend the fund raiser. And lets face it even the President is attending a fund raiser and hopefully will go back to Pakistan with some help and aid for the effected people. Even if he was in Pakistan he cant drink the water down. Pak govt and authorities and the brave nation as a whole is doing tremendous efforts to help the people and lets all give them the best support that we can.

  13. @ Shahzain … i totally agree with u… i dont see a point that President of a country whr over 2000 people died… whr economy is totally thrashed because of the flood… whr agriculture is totally finished….. whr remaining flood affected ppl are dieing of lack water, food, medicines… the fucked up bastard is staying in a Hotel in uk which costs over 9000 Pounds per night… 25 rooms booked for his pets too….damn it… why the hell he cant stay at pakistan high commission or any cheaper hotel? why? that total entainment cost could have been given to the flood affecties.. No body in the world is willing to aid directly to the government… no body… becaz they know that these bastards will even put all this aid in there pockets rather than giving to the affected people.. even Pakistanis are not willing to aid through government at all.. we here gathering the support ourselves and will provide the utmost help to the affected ppl ourselves by going there… Hats off to Mr. Zardari… a damn leader!

  14. @ Nabeel Chaudry .. i like your comment about the president when you say its not like he can drink the water and make the floods go away. Well, in the context of your example Zardari, quite frankly, has not done anything about anything at ALL ! so I’d say he rather should stay out of Pakistan rather than in the country. Its not like he is going to solve any of our issues.
    I just fail to understand how shameless a person can be. Shame on you ZARDARI.

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