Has Lahore Gone Insane?

Is the Punjab government funneling millions of dollars to Jamaatud Dawa? According to BBC reports, the Punjab goverment has alloted over Rs 80 Million to go to the LeT front group. It was bad enough when Shahbaz Sharif begged the Taliban for mercy, but now we have to pay for attacks, too? This is insanity.

According to the BBC report, Punjab government is giving millions of Rupees to Jamaatud Dawa to run some social institutions. But why Jamaatud Dawa has to run these institutions and not the government? And even if government does not have the capacity, how can it possibly justify giving millions of Rupees to Jamaatud Dawa? Even they are shocked at this.

When asked why the Punjab government had allotted money in the budget for institutions it managed, a spokesman for Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Hafiz Abdur Rehman, said: “The truth is that we are ourselves astonished at this.”

Has Lahore gone insane? Hafiz Saeed who founded LeT and JuD has been released once again by Lahore High Court even despite the growing evidence of his support for terrorist attacks. Even now Hafiz Saeed is seen in public making political rallies with JI and JUI and the jihadi supporter Hamid Gul.

It is shameful enough that LHC continues to set Hafiz Saeed free even after he is arrested for supporting terrorism. It is shameful enough that JuD even though it is banned continues to operate openly in Lahore political rallies. But now the Pubjab government is taking TAXPAYER RUPEES and giving to JuD?

This is insanity.

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