CJ Declares He Will Expand His Own Powers

What do you call a man who believes he knows better what is good for Pakistan than Pakistanis? Who believes that he alone can overrule the parliament, the constitution, and the people of Pakistan? Today, you can call him Chief Justice.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has constituted a full court of 17 judges to define the Supreme Court’s authority. That’s right, the CJ has announced that he is going to write his own rules. Who else would do such a thing? Oh, that’s right.

Yes, CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry, who was elected by nobody and originally appointed by Gen. Musharraf, has decided that he knows better than regular Pakistanis what is best for the country and he is going to re-write the rules himself.

The first order of business of this new panel is to overthrow the 18th Amendment which was passed unanimously by the National Assembly – the people actually elected to govern Pakistan.

It’s been proven too many times before that the parliament is the proper body to amend the constitution. Actually, this is what the constitution says. But for the Chief Justice to defy not only the constitution of Pakistan but the people of Pakistan by overruling their elected representatives in parliament is nothing short of a coup attempt.

This is a dangerous path that the Chief Justice has taken. He has declared himself dictator of Pakistan and he appears intent on overruling all of the progress towards democracy that we have made in two short years. For all his complaints about his former friend and boss Gen. Musharraf, it appears that Iftikhar Chaudhry was paying close attention to his lessons.

Is a dictator in military uniform or a dictator in black robes the worse? We may soon find out.

One thought on “CJ Declares He Will Expand His Own Powers

  1. What a biased piece of article. The full court is constituted to look upon for those clauses of 18th amendments which are against the constitution not to expand CJ powers.
    May Allah bless Chief Justice and save him from this criminal government.

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