Do Not Let Faisal Shahzad Succeed

Faisal Shahzad deserves everything coming to him – and that will not be any amount of heavenly houris, I’m glad to say. Despite his made for TV drama that continues to play out, we must not let Faisal and his jihadi masters succeed in their crusade to drive a wedge between the growing Pakistan American friendship.

The News makes quite clear today the importance of continuing to build a close friendship with the Americans:

But the militant threat must not be allowed to wreak the building of trust between Pakistan and the US. Washington must demonstrate that it is indeed a true friend and willing to work in favour of Pakistan’s people. What happens in the aftermath of this failed terrorist attempt is exceedingly significant. In recent months there have been indications that Washington is willing to change its thinking and move towards a relationship that is less coercive and more cooperative. We must hope that such a change in ties does take place. There is potential benefit in that for both nations. The American reaction to the incident at a formal level has been different to that in the past. This time we haven’t received orders but a polite request. The Americans have asked us for our assistance in tracking the movements of Faisal Shahzad while he was in Pakistan during the summer of 2009, and the American ambassador has passed the request to our interior ministry. There is no reason why we should not afford the Americans every assistance. Nobody died, a suspect is in custody and an investigation ongoing. Freely given assistance will send a much more positive message – let us waste no time in sending it.

The American government has reacted in a promising way, looking to Pakistan for cooperation respectfully and not making any blame or demands.

The US on Tuesday said it valued close anti-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan, as Islamabad reportedly made arrests in connection with last weekend’s failed bombing attempt in New York’s Times Square. “We have very close law enforcement and intelligence relationships with Pakistan. I think, you can see, at least, circumstantially by the reporting in the last hour or two that Pakistan takes, you know, this shared threat seriously and is already taking action,” Assistant Secretary of State PJ Crowley said at the daily briefing in the backdrop of the capture of a 30-year-old suspect, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-American. “We appreciate Pakistan’s pledge of cooperation,” he stated. The spokesman said he was aware of reports of some arrests being made in Pakistan but could not confirm any specific actions at the moment. Crowley also praised the contribution of Pakistani-Americans to the US development and said the US was working with its allies to curb violent extremism. “We value our relationship with Pakistan. We value the fact that there are many Pakistanis who have come here to this country, have links to Pakistan and have become citizens of this country.”

Americans, too, are not falling for this plot and are continuing support for Pakistan.

The Taliban, al Qaeda, and other militant groups have demonstrated that they are working to expand their reach across the globe by working in coordination with one another. In doing so, they have managed to amplify the impact of what are actually small groups of dedicated terrorists. To defeat this menace, we must support and coordinate with other pro-democracy movements and governments – especially those on the front lines of the war on terror.

The plot to bomb Americas Time’s Square was clearly meant to isolate Pakistan so that we will be cut off from American support, giving TTP an opportunity to continue their campaign against progress. But this scheme can only succeed if we let it. It is meant to cause confusion, doubt, and mistrust. We will not let those into our minds. We are resolute and determined. We will not give up our nation so easily.

6 thoughts on “Do Not Let Faisal Shahzad Succeed

  1. What great sycophants we are to ensure that our name is noted by US Intelligence as being highly
    patriotic and pro USA. Do we as self-centered and
    aimless nation with wool pulled over our eyes and
    ears plugged.Do we have a remedy to this illness or we love to play like weasels.Are we not living
    in a Twilight Zone made to watch Tales from the Crypt? Our reactions watched with a chuckle and a
    new episode prepared by the crypt master.

  2. Khalid bhai sometimes the song of a bird may be very beautiful and yet who can understand it? I appreciate your poetic language, but I invite you to post a comment that is clear. We all know that you hate America. Please post some response to the actual article if you have something to say.

  3. Adeel sahib, assumption is a dangerous path that
    one must avoid.Today our struggle is not against
    any nation but against those from within and the
    outside who are trying to impose their Will under
    their title.If someone was to ask me how to get to
    Mecca I would direct him to Al Qaida&Company they claims to understand Islam more deeply then all
    other scholars.If that person follows my advise I
    would cry in despair.And if I were to tell you to
    seek Peace and Hope with help of Neocons then you
    would be a greater fool and I shall have a good me both these Vermins are of one body with two heads and both must be eliminated to help release Hope from the clutches of Despair.

  4. This was an act by an individual who is most thanless and disloyal the country and its people where he was provided refuge, education and citizenship. Faisal Shahazad deserves no sympathy or mercy.
    American govt and people in keeping with their high value standards, are expected to rise to the occasion and prevent acts of retaliation against innocent Asians/ Pakistanis.

  5. Khalid bhai, I agree with you! But I think you are using too many paintbrushes. Just as al Qaida and TTP and all these Lashkar e Munafiqs claim to know Islam but are only leading people on a road to Jahannam. And I have no patience for Neocons and their violence either. But just as you know that the jihadis are a small set of people who do not represent true Islam, why can’t you believe that Neocons are a small set in the West who do not represent all Westerners? When George W. Bush was the President of America he did many evil things. But President Barack Obama has made great changes that have made me very much encouraged. He is not perfect, but I do see a much bigger difference to Faisal’s idiocy. Here is what I think, and I think that we do agree actually that we must find ways to make connections between people whether they are Western or Muslim or Pakistani or American who are honest dealing and friendly. I also think that this whole Faisal Shahzad case was meant to stop us from making these connections so that that the Vermins of one body as you say would not be eliminated. It is the old saying of ‘Divide and Conquer’. We must not let them divide us if we will defeat evil.

  6. Adeel,Education is the development of the mind.We
    learn to achieve that either in the halls of Ivy league or on the mats of the Madrassah.In either case our intellectual capacity is overpowered by
    our emotions!The day we have insight to know the
    difference between hindsight and foresight,And use
    the two with knowledge of Reality? We would be living as actual humansand not as savages.

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