Why the UN Report is Important

There has been some questions about whether the UN report contains anything worthwhile, whether it was worth the millions of rupees paid. I believe the answer is definitely yes. Let me explain why I believe the UN report – despite the fact that it did not definitively say the culprit, the motive, and the financier – is vitally important. In fact, I do not believe the culprits could be found without it.

Babur Ghauri may be correct that there was no assassin pointed out in the report, but he is wrong that this makes the report unhelpful. Actually, no progress could be made towards arresting and trying the true people behind this attack without having an independent group like the UN investigate and publish findings.

Imagine if the present government had done an investigation. It would be immediately doubted by too many people who suspect Zardari of some sinister motives. Media like The Nation and Jang would be publishing the most wild conspiracies, and any results – true or not – would be tainted.

Likewise, if the intelligence agencies – or Babur’s fabled ASI – had conducted the investigation, we would have the same problem. Who would honestly believe that it was independent, transparent, and complete? Unfortunately, the ruthless nature of politics means that everyone has become suspect. The only way to move forward was to ask some outside group that had nothing to gain from the findings conduct a preliminary investigation to determine who was under suspicion, and who was not. For this reason, the report compiled by Chilean ambassador Heraldo Munoz is actually invaluable. It allows us to move forward.

Here is where Babur Ghauri is 100% incorrect. The report does not “blame inadequate security arrangements for the murder.” Actually, the report is very clear if you take the time to carefully read all 70 pages. The report says that Musharraf and elements of his regime – including especially in the intelligence agencies – intentionally refused to provide security to Benazir Bhutto. Also, it implies that this intentional refusal was done in order to facilitate her murder.

Musharraf may not have been the actual attacker. Obviously, this was the boy who blew himself up. But Musharraf and his cronies unlocked the gate, opened the door, and laid a carpet down for the attacker, all while telling Benazir, “Don’t worry, we are protecting you.”

The report also provides puts to rest some terrible conspiracy theories. Obviously, it is up to Pakistan to fully investigate, arrest, try, and convict the culprits. Justice cannot come from the UN, it must come from Pakistan.

Haider says that

Now that the money to the UN has been paid and the dust has settled, I would like to see some results and actions of the high price Pakistan taxpayers have paid.

I agree 100%. Let us never forget that the Pakistanis have paid a price in blood that is far greater than any millions of rupees. It is time that we receive the justice that we paid for.

3 thoughts on “Why the UN Report is Important

  1. Frankly when the weasels across the Atlantic and
    their mates decided that Benazir(GOD Bless her)was
    to go in order to save their interest? It became a race for survival for their proteges.Though she
    was married to Macbeth,herself was no near to the lady of such character.Had it been any other in
    the saddle provided by the same that provides our
    present rulers the same protection.He would not have survived had he turned to ride the other way.
    The UN secretariat is nothing more then puppets led by the strings held by the maestros.We are a
    nation led by our snouts by Self-Centered leaders
    with Myopic vision.The UN report is a smoke screen
    to protect vested interest of chameleonic weasels
    that we find running about in major cities.

  2. Khalid bhai, you should write film screenplays! Your imagination is wild. The sad thing is that you probably believe this nonsense, even though you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. “puppets led by the strings held by the maestros”! LOL Who are “the maestros” please? This is some paranoid fantasy of Zaid Hamid? Secret illuminati new world order silliness? Please, there is a real world that the rest of us are living in. It might not be as dramatic as this fantasy-land where there are secret maestros controlling the UN, but even so we welcome you to join us back here on Earth.

  3. Yeah, I agree with you and with the contents of UN report as it is evident from the report that no adequate security measures in the regime of Musharraf were provide to late Benazir Bhutto and responsible forces behind this incident should be brought to justice.

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