Aghaz-i-Huqooq: Off to a Promising Start

The Aghaz-i-Huqooq-i-Balochistan package is truly off to a wonderful start, as 38,000 youths have already submitted job applications.

Passed towards the end of December 2009, its sole purpose was to ease the Baloch people’s struggles and provide economic opportunity, and if the early indicators are correct, we are doing a tremendous job.

The fact remains the federal government understands the need for specifically-tailored economic packages for various regions. The comprehensive NWFP economic package has recently been passed, and its intentions are truly noble. The tasks there are two-fold: to provide education and economic opportunity in the short-term and combat terrorism in the long-term.

Aghaz-i-Huqooq shows signs of doing well; inshallah it will be the first of many bold initiatives taken by the democratic government that reap success.

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