Missing Ingredient: HOPE

Where is Pakistan’s hope? Do Pakistanis realize just how valuable the sentiment can be?

It was a sense of hope that enabled our Prophet [peace be upon him] to spread the word of God and forever change the world.  Hope is the fuel that has created, altered, transformed civilizations. A recent example: after years of a faltering economy, two depressing wars, growing discontent at home and an ever more negative reputation abroad, Americans fueled the candidacy and campaign of Barack Obama and sent him to the White House. Indeed, his recent Nobel Peace Prize is a symbol of the international community illustrating their faith in him and his agenda. All this speaks to the power of hope.

Looking at Pakistan today I see a nation struggling to keep itself going. Pakistanis deal with the constant threat of terrorism along with a whole host of other issues and concerns. There is a struggle, as in every country, to improve the quality of life.

The magic ingredient for Pakistanis is missing! We need hope. We need the optimism, we need to believe that we can bring about positive change. We must look back at our history, draw from the tough times we have faced as a nation, and learn from the many great moments in our history. We need to revisit the past and dig up the spirit that has given us one of the most diverse, artistic Islamic nations. We have to find the beauty of Pakistan and remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to create a successful nation. It is solely our responsibility, no one else’s. This is our home, our people, and we have all the potential in the world. It is high time we injected the national debate with idealism and confidence in our country!



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