18 thoughts on “New Video: What’s the TRUTH about Kerry Lugar?

  1. Yeah right! You say it and we take your word? USA never had and will never have any good intentions.
    So just please leave the world alone, remove all you bases worldwide and mind you’re own business.

  2. i think different .. take it easy we want money to establish our nation ..read all conditions of bill then u come to know what is reality.. this money will be devided among ngos and poor people not goes to pocket of government soo this is firsttime big change first aid which directly goes to people of pakistan …soo re think about your idea

  3. There are no free lunches in this world. If USA is interested to give this money to Pakistan in such a crutial economic melt – down and down stream US economy, there must be some US intentions which Pakistan Govt. certainly could’nt give without this bill!

  4. For all those people that think the US is oh so terrible for giving money to Pakistan; what about China? They are giving all sorts of money for coal projects, dam construction, nuclear weapons, etc. Chinese contracts receive approval long before any other country’s project because of a directive straight from Zardari himself. Just because the US is also trying to help prop up the fledging Pakistan government, don’t forget that China and Pakistan have had a bond for 50 years. The Chinese are richer and more well connected in that area than the US; If the US even hints at harming Pakistan in any way, they’ll have China to deal with. So stop worrying so much.

  5. Mmmm … Well I think what english says:”There is no such a free lunch in this world”. Look at the whole world under recession and economic crisis. When US is already going through its hard time then whats the reason helping 3rd world country like Pakistan? I cannot see if people of my country are getting helped. But can see clearly government is getting rich. Our people just hear some big figures on the scale they get blind really easily. May we all live long I would love to see another Harvard University in Pakistan. Forget the Harvard we need another century to reach that level, I want kids to get free education. All us should remember we are living in the world which has a rule “Give and Take Mate!!”. There must be some hidden clauses in this bill, plzzzz read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting this Bill, because its a bill and we always have to pay our bills to get facilities!!!!

  6. america has never deal pakistan as a friend whenever we need them they give priority ot india & not to us….so a think there would be some huge benefits to america for which they are giving us this money so we should not accept america interest at an cost.

  7. There are two motives behind this US involvement in Pakistan. One, it is a complete political move to improve the image of the current US president, his administration and the US itself to the world. Image is everything to this country. After living in the US for eight years I have learned there is nothing Pakistan has that US wants. Half of my American friends can’t even point out where Pakistan is on the globe. Their second reason is that want Al-Qaeda or any organization that they see as a terrorist threat to the US. They truly believe that if Pakistani economy and politics improve, Al-Qaede will automatically be ousted and they are willing to spend billions on it. That may seem outrageous to us, but its nothing for the US. I mean this country spends, no, sinks, no wastes about 5 million dollars to take out a single enemy target. This country has money, even in this horrible economy this country has money.
    If they believe they can destabilize an entire terrorist organization by spending billions on a country, they will do it. It is a very alien form of thinking but this bill does have no string attached to it, for us. For the US it is nothing more than another expense in the ledgers geared towards national security and improving the US image throughout the world.

  8. Well as far as the Mr. qurashi and his hypocrisy is concern i think he didn’t have info about his stat and what the public of his states wants….. what i do know the civilian and the local society member of his country are still against this bill and the really condemn it… as Mr. qurashi and some of its bad administrations member do know all that staff about this bill…. but still we should remember that they still against for all kind of policies that made b/w pk and USA….. so how can i possible for them to accept it?

  9. The bill clearly rejects the significance of Pakistan’s strategic asset in Afghanistan; and directs to “cease” the support to the “Militants”. Read the text carefully.

  10. this bill and that bill, its all about approving american dominatins, and we must never forget that the ultimate goal is the world dominations and securing world power resources…the kerry lugar bill is a bullsh**, this is to physcologically make the pakistani people belive that they have a curruot gov. and nothing can be handeled by us pakistanis ourselves…curruptions also has to be maintained till a certain engineered level to achieve these goals…we must not ever forget IRAN…we have to remember china and ran in any case…we have to make policies in chinese and iranian directions..not america..

  11. My view is that this piece of legislation will have a positive influence on Pakistan.

    As far as the conditionalities regarding the Quetta Shura, the Mureedke base of Lashkar-e-Tayba, or concerns over the Nuclear issue goes; it is very clear to me that any decisions on these concerns were never the domain of any elected Government or the Foreign Office in Pakistan. These matters are directly under the country’s all-powerful military establishment.

    So it is important to give military a clear signal both by the elected Government and the U.S that any silly continuation of adventurism would not be tolerated.

    Kerry Lugar is in favor of Pakistan.
    Opposition parties can see this Govt.’s success, this is a victory of this govt.

    now stop discussing this non-issue.

    please try to understand what bill really says don’t try to see what media (JAHIL, Amerian Agents Anchors) says:

  13. The most corrupt government and their leaders which we are experiencing nowadays never want to left a single opportunity by which they can avail single penny advantage to become most affluent person of the entire world, that’s why whoever appreciate such kind of directive policies are not in favor of Pakistan!! We are heading towards most pathetic condition which may lead to civil war if such things don’t stop immediately

  14. Being a Pakistani we have to keep our sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan in first instance. Then see what does this bill mean. What is the pakistan interest and what is the interest of America. For me pakistan is secure and independent state. We have secure atomic and other startegic important assets. We will sign any bill if it is in the interest of Pakistan but if it mean to capture our atomic assets or control our atomic assets then it is wrong to interefre in the internal affairs of the state by helping and even controlling their assets. How America is justifying it?
    Pakistan is a state and it has the nation. This nation has strategic thinking power, critical thinking, logic and understanding of new scientific development. We have Phds and scientists and every system is organized but what we are lacking is …….
    My dear we Pakistani need support and cooperation in the field of education free and high paid teaching rewards, development of pakistan in all direction, economic stability and above all peace is required. My dear we have Brown Amendment and the experience of long US-Pak relations history. But now we understand the this new government want to improve the image of America in the world and struggle to have a peacefull relation for easy American ruling. My dear we have strong relations with China. SINO AMERICAN NUCLEAR DETERENCE was the creation of America. We can get more what the America is providing today on the cost of our innocent civilians. China is always read to provide help and cooperation not only strategically but due to our close ties. China is our close friend remember all PAKISTANISSSSSSSSSSSSS

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