WFP attack stuns and angers the world

The attack on the UN World Food Program offices in Islamabad was ruthless and sickening in every possible way.


As of right now, five people are reported killed: two Pakistani men, two Pakistani women and an Iraqi man. The WFP, citing security for its staff, has temporarily closed its offices throughout the country.


Though suicide bombings have become frequent, the world is appalled at the latest act of savagery. What is the logic of such attacks? Who did the attackers hope to impress by killing innocent people, who dedicated their time to feeding their poor, hungry displaced brethren? What goes through the mind of these monsters as they plan, fund and carry out attacks?


Let’s learn from this grim development and face the hard truth: Pakistan needs assistance to excise this internal cancer. Pakistanis can no longer afford a nonchalant attitude, not when their own citizens are being targeted and killed by extremists.


There has got to be an end to the media blasting aid from foreign powers when the fact is, Pakistan needs it. Its hard-working and noble citizens need it. Its prosperous, stable future hangs in the balance.



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