Zardari, Kiyani Declare Militancy Greatest Threat to Pakistan

President Zardari and Gen. Kiyani continue to build the war against religious extremism in the country, noting that the “immediate internal threat” of Taliban militancy is the greatest threat to Pakistan and that the fight against militancy will not stop until it is rooted out for good.

“Military operations are all across the board against any insurgent whether in Karachi, Lahore or whether he is in any part of Pakistan,” said Mr Zardari. “My problem is terror. I have focused myself on terror. The PPP has focused itself against the extremist mindset. Terror is a regional problem, it cuts across borders. “I would love to be remembered for creating a Pakistan where militancy – I know it can’t totally be diminished – is defeated.”

Zardari appears to be making good on his promise as operations by Pakistan’s military have reportedly gravely injured Swat Taliban chief Maulana Fazlullah. This follows earlier gains by Pakistani security forces that killed Ehsan alias Abu Jandal, a top aide of Fazlullah.

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