Exploiting Public Opinion?


The latest article by Ansar Abbasi in today’s daily Jang states that there is a huge conflict between the foreign office and the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan, and he implies that the people of this nation have no more trust in the government, army and the security forces of the country. He then goes on and on about several assumption that he makes up himself and presents them as if they are the public’s opinions.

First of all, I am deeply offended by Ansar Abbasi’s cock and bull story supposedly portraying the awams representation when he says that people of Pakistan have no confidence in their military and security forces. My question here is: Who is Ansar Abbasi to speak for the awam? Has he ever seen the army environment? Or spent time with the families of army personnel who sacrifice so much everyday for their country? Or does he just want to sensationalize everything and make a name for himself?

I grew up in a military environment as my father served in the military. We moved all over the country every few years just like an average army family does. I have gone to Army Public Schools, shopped at C.S.D stores, and played sports in Services Clubs in various chaownis (cantonments) of my country. It will be an understatement to say that Pakistan Army personnel are the most patriotic people I have ever seen and simply because Pakistan Army’s and other security forces were absent from May 2nd operation does not render them useless and make them a cause for security concern.

Secondly, Abbasi’s entire story shows that he has no understanding of the way government works. Suggesting there is a huge conflict between the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan makes no sense. The Foreign Office is under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is part of the same government as PM and President and there has been no difference in the statements between any of these three. Both the official statement of the Foreign Office and the statement by President Zardari all say the same thing–we support the fight against terrorists who threaten our own security and sovereignty more than any other nation. He implies that the reservations from Foreign office in contrast to the attitudes of President and Prime minister raise a question mark to the security of the country but this is not logical. Foreign Office speaks for the President and Prime Minister also. This is why each of their statements follows a similar theme.

Labeling the security forces as ineffective and incompetent is no way to be addressing an institution that has a long tradition of taking pride in their history, culture, identity and heritage. I watched Ansar Abbasi praising Osama on Geo and then today I read his slander against the military and I have had enough. No, Ansar Abbasi certainly does not speak an average citizen of Pakistan, and he certainly does not speak for me!


Author: Mukhtar Ahmed


  1. hi
    as far as the patriotism is concerned i guess no one has any doubt on our military personnels’ patriotism. the concerns of people are related to the defense system of Pakistani military and obviously this concern aroused because of the statements which have been coming frm the officials since the operation took place… how was it possible that Pakistani military didnt knw that there are helicopters in their territory who didnt belong to them n they r carrying out an OPERATION nxt to islamabad ?? People are concerned that if the military was so much unaware of a the two hours operation being carried out in abbotabad nxt to military base, then what will happen if an enemy will be attacking pakistan? will the military will take two hours to take an action?????? we have been spending a large percentage of our budget on defense and even after doing that our military has taken so much time to react ???
    these questions aroused after the info that pak military was fully unaware of the operation.. n if it is true then pakistanis have the rght to question the competence of our military.
    and from the past records i can surely say that our military is not incompetent, they were alerted by the USA that they have entered our territory to take action against a high value target but they have not revealed its name cz they doubt that this info would have been leaked by pakis n they will lose OBL. both the governments are hiding the actual truth . why? bcz they both have some benefits in doing that .. unless n until the whole truth will not be revealed, the pakistani officials will be facing trials not only on national but also on international basis n they have to answer all the questions relating to their competency..


  2. I wish these critics who speak of armed forces lack of patriotism had the courage and humility to spend a week
    with the troops at the FDLs. If that being harsh,I suggest
    join the GCs at Kakul and run nine miles in full FSMO.Do we wonder why Erwin Rommel lost to Monty? He did not have
    some wonder boys of the media on his staff.Well! Our PM now has experts available to run the ISI from tea bars of
    the media rooms.In the armed forces officers have their
    own internal conflicts but they don’t wash their linen in
    public.The code of comradship remains intact whether in service or out of service.Unless lack of integrity comes
    between.Why OBL was there Ansar Abbasi should trvel to the
    Bush Center at Langley.I asked an Texan friend who will be
    the next Bogeyman for the gullible american public. He replied We are eight years too late.Perhaps the GEO Team
    could suggest a name to the designated chief of CIA.

  3. mmmmm, seems that we are confusing and emotionalizing ourselves friends.first of all just to let u know, i was also broughtup in a mil environment. now, 1. if there is a weakness or a fault at the part of mil or isi, the biggest patriotism is to point it out and pressurize the institutions to get it corrected asap. 2. each and everybody in this country, everybody has exactly, and in some cases more level of patriotism.I thinks its an insult to the civilians when said that mil are the “biggest” patriots. 3. mil, if works in difficult situations, this is what they are trained, hired and paid for with some special and extra facilities that nobody else among the common pakistanis enjoy in this country e.g batman, free medical care, relaxations in fares and allotments of property. Having all that provided by the tax payers, its is a “duty” of the mil and the security apparatus (not a favor given by them)to “serve” the pakistan and pakistani, and stop behaving like “rulers”. 4. The strongest feeling i have seen in most of the mil people is, “we know, u dont understand,we can do it you cannot etc etc”. I am sorry, people know, have a right to know and understand, if not more, as equally as any mil officer”. The only request i have is to think as a pakistani first and then a muslim or a mil background etc etc. a mistake is a mistake, a negligence is a negligence, done by whomever doesnot matter how sacred that be, it always needs a correction, and the correction has to be done by tax payers, to whom, also the mil actually should be answerable.

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