Chappals and Child Brides

Paul Smith Peshawari Chappal

The outrage over news that a British fashion designer is selling a £300 (Rs50,000) peshawari chappal has raised the national blood pressure to dangerous heights. Not due to fears of inflation in the shoe sector, but because the British designer is selling the shoe under the name…’Robert’. Pakistan, the birthplace and spiritual home of the design is swept under the rug and ignored, as if it were something to be ashamed of. While the outrage over this very real slight is understandable, we should also be taking the moment to reflect on why Pakistan was not highlighted as part of the designer’s marketing campaign. To find the answer, we must start by thinking about not what Pakistan is, but how we are perceived by the rest of the world.

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Whiskey Cinema

Waar film posterWaar is a thrilling cinematic experience. There is no use in arguing against that. Still, the film has come under much criticism as questions have risen about ISPR support for the film and whether the movie promotes anti-India sentiments at a time when tensions are high between the two countries. Hyper-nationalists dismiss these concerns as the needless worrying of urban liberals who can’t stand to see a Pakistan portrayed on the screen. Films like Waar do, however, pose a real risk to a strong nation because, like a glass of Scotch, they can make the individual feel good for a short time, but with long term effects that produce weakness and disease.

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