Government’s National Security Policy Is Literally Insane

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. –Albert Einstein

Coming two days after the Taliban announced a one month ceasefire, Monday’s suicide bombing in Islamabad that killed 11 people and injured dozens more proves one of two things: The Taliban is either UNWILLING or UNABLE to enforce a ceasefire. It also means that the government’s national security policy, prioritising negotiations with Taliban above all else, is literally insane.

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What Happens After North Waziristan?


As airstrikes continue to pound militant compounds in North Waziristan, media reports that a full scale military operation is finally in the works targeting militants in the region. Such an operation is necessary, but it is not sufficient to root out the problem of extremist violence in the country. Just as the 2009 operation in South Waziristan did not end terrorism, neither will a successful operation that only takes place in North Waziristan today.

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Taliban’s Greatest Trick

(A man takes a nap next to a poster of Osama bin Laden

It is said that Shaitan’s greatest trick was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. After all, once you stop believing in him, it is easier for him to next trick you that your sins are not sins at all. Ironically, it can also be said that Taliban’s greatest trick has been convincing us that they are more powerful than they really are.

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Losing Karachi


We lost East Pakistan in 1971. Our grip on FATA is tenuous and could slip away completely if government finally caves in to Taliban demands in peace talks. Former Chief Minister Akhtar Mengal has warned that Pakistan could lose Balochistan if the situation there is not resolved. Today, Karachi too can be added to the list of areas that are falling out of state control as the nation begins to unravel.

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