Dr. Taimur Rahman Response to Ahmed Quraishi

Solidarity with TaimurResponse to Allegations by Express TV.

A number of accusations have been made against me on Express TV by the anchor Ahmed Quraishi. I would like to put on record that these accusations are completely false and constitute incitement to violence, hate speech, slander, and libel.

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Sabeen Mahmud and State Terrorism

Sabeen MahmudOn 24th April, Pakistan lost another brave daughter. Sabeen Mahmud was shot dead in the street while leaving T2F in Karachi where she had just finished leading a discussion on Balochistan. Sabeen’s mother was walking with her and she too was caught in the hail of bullets and now struggles for her life. This latest killing has shocked the nation’s conscience…or has it? Many liberals on social media have condemned the attack and placed the blame on state agencies. This was responded by others who protested that these are unfair accusations being cast with complete lack of evidence. While it is too soon to know for certain who was behind Sabeen’s murder, this cowardly act is the perfect time to talk about the role of state terrorism.

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