Interior Ministry to Turkish Teachers: Get Out of Our Country!

Turkish teachers expelled from PakistanThe decision to expel desperate Afghan refugees may have been a humanitarian disaster, but the Interior Ministry’s latest decision raises serious questions about how low the government will go to please foreign leaders. Ahead of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit, officials have informed Turkish teachers that they have three days only to get out of Pakistan.

After a failed coup attempt, Turkey’s authoritarian leader has undertaken a Stalin-esque purge of society that has shocked the conscience of the world.

More than 100,000 people had already been sacked or suspended and 37,000 arrested since the abortive putsch in an unprecedented crackdown President Tayyip Erdogan says is crucial for wiping out the network of Gulen from the state apparatus.

Thousands more academics, teachers, health workers, prison guards and forensics experts were among the latest to be removed from their posts through two new executive decrees published on the Official Gazette late on Saturday.

Now, we have become willing participants in this shameful episode of history. There is no evidence that these humble teachers have any connection to plotters and coup makers.

Some have noted that countries go to war and do much worse things for allies, so why are we so surprised at this? However I think the decision must also be thought about in the terms of current world events. Who will we be willing to turn over to Donald Trump? One what grounds will we protest if a Marine Le Pen government in France begins a purge of Muslims?

Our leaders shout that they will not take dictation from foreign governments, but their promises are hollow. First we got rid of the refugees, now we are willing to get rid of teachers. Who will be next? You?

Government Pledges Support of Afghan Refugees

Pakistan’s Ministry of States and Frontier Regions has unequivocally pledged to continue aiding and assisting Afghan refugees.


The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has released a statement saying Pakistan will continue to accord due protection the refugees.


It is a sign of our national strength that though the government may be heaving under a myriad of burdens, it will not forget its moral compass. We owe it to our faith to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, and what better than to help one’s neighbor?


Afghanistan and Pakistan are essentially connected, their fates will only be successful if they support one another. As Afghanistan fights their extremists, so do we. As Afghanistan seeks stability and economic opportunity, so do we. They are our brothers, and we should be proud of the chance to help in any capacity.


The Ministry is to be applauded for recognizing the need for fraternity and compassion in the midst of tough times for both Pakistan and Afghanistan.