Kargil 2014

Chief of Army Staff Gen Raheel

Chief of Army Staff Gen Raheel has reportedly complained that firing on the Line of Control is negatively affecting Zarb-e-Azb operations. No doubt this is true. Frequency of cross-border attacks has increased significantly in recent months which will obviously drain critical resources and distract from operations against militants on the Western border. The problem is, the escalated tensions in Kashmir did not materialise out of thin air. Actually, they were very openly discussed for months…in Lahore and Islamabad.

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Jihadis Outflanking Government

Jihadis welcome Taliban in Kashmir

All eyes may be focused on peace talks with TTP, but Pakistan is a land of many moving parts, and just because attention is being paid to movement in one area does not mean that other parts have stopped moving. I have noted on this blog recently that despite the Prime Minister’s movements towards a sane foreign policy, there is also an undercurrent of movement by jihadi groups that is less openly discussed. Most of this jihadi movement has been centered on Kashmir, but a new report suggests that it may be wider and interconnected.

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