Is calling Donald Trump as Hitler a compliment?

Donald TrumpFor anyone who incorrectly thought that extremism was something that only happened in Pakistan, American Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has proven them wrong. His political campaign has broken all boundaries of common sense and decency as he has declared that if he is elected he will ban all Muslims from entering the United States and any who stay in the country to register with the government. The madness of such statements becomes even more terrifying when one hears the sound of his supporters cheering as says these things. All hope is not lost, though, as many many more in the West have condemned Trump and his message of hate including many leaders from his own political party. Many in the Western media have begun openly comparing Trump to another madman, no less than Adolf Hitler. An American newspaper even used its cover to depict him as the Nazi dictator.

Daily News Donald Trump Hitler

Westerners hitting back against Trump’s Islamophobia and racist statements gives some hope that all hope is not lost. Hopefully they will see that just like not all Americans are crazy Islamophobes like Trump, not all Muslims are terrorists. Actually, it is these loud mouthed lunatics who give everyone a bad name.

However there is another point that I want to make which is a lesson that we should also learn from Donald Trump’s intolerance and bigotry. Westerners have compared Trump to Hitler to show how insane he is…but would the same comparison be an insult here? Unfortunately the question does not have a pleasant answer.

Pro-Hitler memes have been popular on Pakistani social media since long.

Pakistan Hitler praise

Hussnain A Chaudhry PTI social media team praising HitlerThis is nothing new and it has been discussed before so I will not repeat all of the many obvious problems with this trend of praising Hitler in Pakistan, but while we are rightly condemning the intolerance and bigotry of Donald Trump, we should also ask ourselves if we are doing enough to condemn the same intolerance and bigotry in our own society also.

Pray for Gaza, but pray for peace

Images of the innocent victims of Israeli attacks against Muslims in Gaza are sickening. Every day I am praying for the atrocities to end. However, I am not here to offer just another condemnation of Israeli aggression. I want to speak to my Muslim brothers and sisters about another disturbing trend that I am witnessing.

Here is a Tweet from member PTI social media team Hussnain Chaudhry:

This is just one Tweet, but it is representative of thousands that are appearing in my timeline from Pakistanis and other Muslims praising Hitler for trying to kill all Jews and praying for a ‘new Hitler’ to finish the genocide.

What is the difference between these statements and the statements of Zionists who support genocide of Muslims? Killing innocents is killing innocent and both are wrong. More to the point, you can not claim moral high ground against genocide if you are also supporting genocide.

Such statements also ignore an important similarity between many Jews and Muslims that should not be ignored. When Islamic militants carry out terrorist attacks, we are all quick to remind that terrorists are a small minority who do not represent all Muslims. Actually, even in Israel there are Jews who are protesting against the aggression against innocent Muslims in Gaza.

Pray for Gaza, yes. But pray for Israel, too. Pray for all humanity. Pray for peace.