Leader of Bayghairat Brigade – Jihadi War Monger Hamid Gul

The term ‘Ghairat Brigade’ has been used sarcastically to describe those media talking heads that chatter on endlessly about the national honour without actually doing anything to improve the nation itself. ‘Honour’ for them is nothing but a rhetorical weapon used to distract people from real issues. The sarcasm, however, seems to be lost as these hyper-nationalists and pseudo-patriots have responded by terming people who want to see a modern and successful Pakistan as Bayghairat Brigade. If the government is not going to conduct a full investigation into how Osama bin Laden was living in Abbottabad, maybe we should do our own.

The past few days I’ve been getting links to this video of some American conspiracywala talking to none other than Gen. Hamid Gul on the phone about how the whole thing was a fake. Somehow because he’s talking to a gora people think it must be a legitimate show. The guy Gen Gul is talking to, though, is not a real journalist, he’s a conspiracy theorist whose other guests include “experts” on how the world is being invaded by ‘reptilian shapeshifting’ aliens from outer space. Actually this is probably the best program for Hamid Gul to appear as a guest. He fits right in with the other clowns.

What is worst about Hamid Gul, though, is that he’s not just another paranoid schizophrenic ranting about alien invasions. He’s a former DG ISI who has been actively encouraging an invasion of Pakistan by foreign jihadis and their alien ideology.

In 2010, Al Jazeera asked Hamid Gul about evidence from Wikileaks that points to Hamid Gul aiding the Taliban. Of course, he immediately dismisses this evidence as the product of Afghan intelligence, RAW and Mossad. The Al Jazeera anchor jokes about this ridiculous claim saying, “they must be very busy with 90,000 reports”. Oh, maybe Al Jazeera is infiltrated by RAW and Mossad too!!!

Hamid Gul says that he’s merely a simple retired man who may have moral support for the Taliban but “there is no physical dimension to it”. Really? The Wikileaks documents revealed, for example, that far from no physical dimension, Hamid Gul was meeting with militants in South Waziristan. And he has physically joined rallies with Hafiz Saeed also.

Hamid Gul with  Hafiz Saeed

Actually, when he’s not in the hot seat, Hamid Gul tells a completely different story .

General (r) Hamid Gul is another maverick gung-ho about Iftikhar Chaudhry’s restoration. But he also makes the peaceniks mad with his call for jihad and continues to spread his ‘poison’ against America. “I am controversial. People either hate me or love me,” he blusters. Gul wants Shariat enforced in Swat “but it must be based on the Holy Quran which does not prohibit education for girls.” The ex-ISI chief is Taliban-friendly: “Their resistance is keeping the wolf (US) away from the door,” he says. As a sympathizer of Osama bin Laden, he declares: “In the absence of evidence (that he masterminded 9/11), I’m not prepared to call him a blood-thirsty animal.” And hence, he’s chums with beards of all shades and size who want to take Pakistan back to the age of jahiliya.

And for providing only moral support with “no physical dimension”, Hamid Gul knows intricate details about al Qaeda attacks against Pakistan.

The suicide bomb that targeted the hotel in the heart of the capital, killed at least 53 people and injured more than 266 others, a short distance from the country’s parliament building.

There were conflicting reports that Pakistan’s political and military leaders were expected to dine at the hotel on Saturday night and changed their plans at the last minute.

Former Pakistani spy master, Retired Lt. General Hamid Gul said that the militants had watched their target for days and then selected a vehicle carrying construction materials and loaded the vehicle with over 600 kilogrammes of explosives.

Jalaluddin Haqaani and Hamid GulEven today he openly provides plans for supporting militants live on TV. On Khari Baat he said that as a professional soldier he recommends that cutting off supply lines for 15 days would defeat the international forces in Afghanistan. Are these the words of a retired man or a rogue element? After all isn’t it his old friends from the glory days that he’s still supporting?

One of the common points being made is that the US and Pakistan don’t trust each other and that the Americans think there are some elements connected to ISI that are against cooperation. Why would they think that? Maybe because the former DG ISI is going on live television almost every day and giving these statements! Honestly, I find it hard to believe that Gen Pasha and current ISI were involved with Osama. What would they gain from this? But current officers need to stop protecting people like Hamid Gul who have clearly gone rogue. Loyalty is one thing, but aik gandi machli pooray talab ko ganda kar deti hai.

Hamid Gul is no patriot. He’s a washed up war mongering jihadi who has done more harm to Pakistan’s honour than any liberal writer. How many Pakistanis have to be killed by Hamid Gul’s old war buddies before playing jihad before we stop defending these guys. Whatever honour Hamid Gul had in the past is gone. He is the worst of the Bayghairat brigade and should be treated as such.

Latest Victim of CIA/Blackwater Assassins?

We don’t know for certain, but it appears that the CIA/Blackwater assassins have taken their latest victim. Mohammad Imran was sitting at a bus stop in Danda Village when three foreign agents approached him and gunned him down for passing ‘insulting’ remarks against the holy prophet (PBUH) during a discussion at a village café.

I say that we don’t know for certain only because there is absolutely no actual evidence of CIA/Blackwater involvement in this case. But based on what we have learned from such luminaries as Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Hasan, and Hamid Gul, we are able to know that CIA/Blackwater agents are responsible for killing those such as Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti who are against the blasphemy law.

This is obviously due to the intense Muslim piety of CIA/Blackwater agents who cannot stand to hear any insults passed against our Prophet (PBUH). It also explains why, despite the country crawling with Raymond Davis’s out hunting blasphemers and their sympathizers, the leaders and supporters of groups like Jamaat-i-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, and Jamaat-ud-Dawa can walk the streets safely. They know they will never be touched by the CIA/Blackwater assassins who share their beliefs.

Thanks to these wise men, we know that CIA/Blackwater only targets Pakistani liberals. When those liberals get too out of hand and become ‘liberal extremists’, then the CIA/Blackwater assassins take out their Glocks and their masks and set out to kill them in cold blood.

I know there has been some confusion about this thanks to the propaganda of these ‘liberal extremists’ in the media. Thankfully, some brave souls in media are willing to tell the truth. Shireen Mazari speaks out against the “so-called ‘westernised elite’ [who come] out to protest and hold vigils for those murdered by alleged religious extremists but fails to act in a similar fashion to protest the killing of innocent people by drones in Fata, or the regular kidnappings and abuse of Hindus in Sindh.”

Exactly right, Dr Mazari. Thank you for having the courage to recognize in black and white that it is ridiculous to accuse religious extremists for murdering people. We all know that religious extremists in Pakistan would never murder anyone, it is only CIA/Blackwater that murders innocent people. Lashkar-e-Taiba and Sipah-e-Sahaba are merely youth development clubs for practising English and good manners! Hindus are truly lucky to have such a bold defender as Shireen Mazari looking out for them.

It also explains why certain ‘intelligence sources‘ have been able to see the foreign hand at work at in the assassination of Minister Shahbaz Bhatti. As it was explained in Jang, these foreign agents made a fatal mistake by using the name Tehrik-e-Taliban Punjab. First of all, everyone knows that there are no killers in Punjab which is populated only by angels. Besides, the intelligence sources looked through their contact list of militant groups and could find no Tehrik-e-Taliban Punjab registered.

The excellent evidence was also given that Shahbaz Bhatti’s killers “threw on the road the pamphlets with Kalma-e-Tayyaba printed on them and also the name of the holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) after killing Shahbaz Bhatti. No Muslim can ever think of dropping on ground such sacred material however”.

This is clearly true. No Muslim can ever think of dropping on the ground such sacred material. Hizb-ut-Tahrir spokesman Imran Yousafzai was clearly mistaken when we sent a press release saying,

Hizb ut-Tahrir has distributed hundreds of thousands of pamphlets in its campaign for Khilafat rallies, thousands of stickers, posters and poll cards have been pasted; thus this message has been already delivered to thousands of people.

No, it must be a mistake. Or a CIA/Blackwater plant. Or RAW. Certainly RAW is involved.

What is not a mistake, though, is that it has become unsafe to sit at the bus stop because you never know when a CIA/Blackwater assassin is going to shoot you for insulting the Prophet (PBUH). It has become unsafe to attend a Shia procession because CIA/Blackwater suicide bombers can not stand for partisans in their midst.

In fact, the safest thing for any Pakistani to do is to grow a beard, join your local lashkar, and support the establishment of a new caliphate. Because it seems this is the only way to stay out of the sights of the CIA/Blackwater terrorists who so much hate Pakistani liberals.

Right Fazlur Rehman?

When Shah Ghazi bled

Nadeem Paracha

by Nadeem Paracha

There’s a war going on in Pakistan; in the mountains and in the cities.  A war enforced upon the people of the country by monsters that we have created ourselves. The enemy in this respect is clearly visible and yet we want to continue treating it like an elusive ghost.

Its targets are now obvious. But we dare not name them. But today, I will. These targets are those Pakistanis who have vigorously contributed in making Pakistan what it really used to be: a temperate, promising conglomerate of various ethnicities, religions and Muslim sects.

The Sunni Barelvis, the Shias, the Christians, the Hindus and the Ahmadis – they are all under attack in their places of worship and shrines. They are being attacked in the most remorseless manner by a rare, violent breed of animals that uncannily look like human beings but are nothing like them.

The suicide blasts yesterday (October 7) at Karachi’s revered Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine in Clifton, is yet another reminder of the war each one of us faces. This attack will be thoroughly covered by the media, however, soon we will go back to lamenting the ‘barbarity of the US drone attacks,’ the ‘injustice faced by qaum ki beti’ Madam Aafia, and what glorious words that idiot, Faisal Shahzad, spouted at his sentencing …

If – as mindless babblers like Imran Khan, Hamid Gul, Zaid Hamid, right-wing anchors,investigative journalists and other such media fodder for reactionary whiplash would suggest – these inhuman assaults take place due to the drone attacks, I want to ask, exactly how many handlers and planners of these drones were present in all the mosques, shrines and bazaars that have been attacked by these monsters?

These babblers and the media feed us nonsense and we submissively accept it. These monsters keep maiming and murdering us by the hundreds, and all we can do is point towards the skies looking for the drones (that actually manage to eliminate many of these bloody brutes); or of course, within days it’s back to playing the confused ostriches or worse, paranoid hyperboles, loudly taking the roll call of the usual, imaginary suspects: India, Israel or the US

Just wait, one fine day you will also be able to see names like China and Iran on that sheet that is read and repeated ad nauseum. Yes sir, anything and anyone, but us.

Shah Ghazi is known by Karachiites as the city’s patron saint. According to tradition he arrived from Iraq in the eighth century to preach the kind of tolerant, pluralistic and empathetic Islam that the region has known for centuries.

His is the kind of faith that the so-called puritanical ogres scoff at and want to literally blow to pieces; a faith that the many otherwise ‘respectable-looking’ apologists of these monsters running amok on TV screens tell us is ‘wrong’ and ‘impure’.

They tell us it’s all a diabolical conspiracy against our faith and country. A conspiracy by the wretched Hindus, scheming Jews and of Western countries that are ironically visited quite frequently by this vivacious gung-ho gang of armchair and TV studio politicians, journalists and ‘experts’.

An implausible narrative is formed and gleefully peddled, as media men comment on the issue as if reading from a script of a bad James Bond movie, or a thrilling Ibn-i-Safi novel, in which fantastical plots are hatched by evil geniuses and dotty synchronistic connections made by the daring heroes.

Had the animated, hyperbolic weaver of epic tales about Muslim conquerors, Naseem Hijazi, been alive today, he would have made a great TV anchor/ ‘security analyst!’


Karachi has been evading the curse of the kind of delusion that feeds these blood-thirsty ogres and their shameless, populist defenders. The evasion maybe coming to an end, but not if the three main political parties of the city and Sindh restrain from indulging in the kind of petty squabbles they’ve been indulging in lately.

There is no doubt that it is the coalition of MQM, PPP and ANP that has kept Karachi saner and safer compared to the madness faced in this context by the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Punjab.

Sure, these parties have been a failure to reign in their respective anarchic renegades out on a targeted killing spree, but the consensus against psychotic extremists remains the strongest in Karachi and Sindh.

MQM (perhaps the toughest bulwark in Karachi against violent religious fanatics), I am afraid will have to cut short its sudden admiration of Madam Aafia; PPP will have to stop negating its own tough talk against extremism by indulging in populist, empty sloganeering; and the ANP (that has suffered so much at the hands of the faithful psychos in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) must stop ridiculing MQM’s concerns of the possibility of some Taliban gathering in disguise in the city’s Pashtun areas.

The Pakistani people, politicians and army have all suffered deaths and great tragedies in this war. But despite so much carnage and terror, Pakistanis are still looking for contrived and utterly convoluted answers that are readily given to them by the media and the small, manic political parties.

They are doing so because many of us are terrified of a simpler, to-the-point truth: these monsters are not only amidst us, but they are from among us!

If this nation has braved through so much terror and madness, then why do we continue to hide in fear from this one vital truth. We must realise that without owning up to this truth, this country will never be able to rid itself from the blood-soaked quagmire it has gotten itself into.

This article originally appeared on the Dawn Blog.