Will the next Israeli terror attack have a Pakistan connection?

Israel synagogue attack

Four people were killed in a Jewish synagogue in a terrorist attack carried out by militants from Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Israel has threatened to respond ‘with a heavy hand’ in order to prevent copycat attacks. This tit-for-tat strategy is more likely to result in new attacks, though, not prevent them, so the real question is not ‘if’ there will be more attacks but ‘when’. Of greater concern for us, though, should be whether the next attack will have a Pakistan connection.

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Gazans of Pakistan

Members of the Ahmadi Muslim community hold the names of victims as they stood over their graves in Chenab Nagar, located in Punjab's Chiniot District

Members of the Ahmadi Muslim community hold the names of victims as they stood over their graves in Chenab Nagar, located in Punjab’s Chiniot District

The terms ‘apartheid’ was first used to describe the political situation in South Africa when the country was divided along racial lines. South Africans with light skin were a class above South Africans with dark skin who were treated as unequal and unwanted in their own country. Dark skinned South Africans were denied housing, jobs, justice, and even killed due to their race. Eventually, the entire world could see the injustice in this political system and it South Africa was forced to change. A similar hope is for the future of Palestine, that the world will see that Israel is a new apartheid state that denies housing, jobs, justice, and even life to innocent Muslims only because of their religion.

But there is another apartheid state that exists today, which sadly is Pakistan. It is here that a group of citizens is legally declared to be unequal and are denied housing, jobs, justice, and even life. These are the Gazans of Pakistan, victims of economic and political discrimination and even genocide. I am talking about the Ahmedis of course.

In the most recent incident, a mob of 250 so-called men has murdered innocent children in Gujranwala. Are the lives of these innocent children worth less than the innocent children of Gaza? Where is the outrage? Where are the street protests? Where are the tweets of Maleeha Lodhi and others condemning the world’s Muslim leaders for their silence on this barbarity?

Maleeha Lodhi can Tweet and Moeen Ali can wear wristbands for Gaza, but who is the celebrity that make a public statement apartheid in this country? That is who will show true courage.

The Disturbing Familiarity of Zionist Extremism

Zionism and Jihad

A week ago, The Nation published an editorial that briefly caused confusion for me. The piece which was about the atrocities in Gaza noted that, ‘Muslims are losing ground, homes and lives in Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka. An unending list.’ What struck me as strange was the inclusion of Iraq and Pakistan in this list of countries where Muslims are facing persecution as a minority. Muslims are not a minority in Iraq and Pakistan, and those countries are not suffering from attacks by non-Muslims. The more I thought about this strange list, however, I began to see that perhaps there was a deeper and more disturbing truth that The Nation had touched on, even if it was unintentionally.

According to The Nation’s editorial:

Israel does not want peace; it wants total control of land. And this battle for land holds religious meaning for them, and symbolic meaning for the west. It is not just about territorial power but a grand destiny.

Replace the word ‘Israel’ with Taliban. Or al Qaeda. Or Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Or Lashkar-e-Taiba. Or any other jihadi militant group and the sentence holds perfectly true.

In Gaza, Muslims are being slaughtered in the service of an extremist ideology. In Iraq and Pakistan, Muslims are also being slaughtered in the service of an extremist ideology. One group justifies their killings by calling it ‘Zionism’ and the other by calling it ‘Jihad’.

The slaughter of innocents in Gaza disturbs us deeply. It should. If we look deeper, though, at what is behind the atrocities, we may see an all too familiar face looking back at us. That should disturb us also.


Gaza Can’t Be Saved With Religion

Religion and War

Israel escalated it’s attack against Gaza yesterday by launching a ground invasion, adding tanks and soldiers to the already indiscriminate air strikes. Hamas has refused any offer of cease fire and warns of ‘heavy price‘ for the latest invasion. Meanwhile, the world is struggling to find a solution that will stop the unnecessary killing. Well, most of the world. In Pakistan, our leaders and supposed ‘security experts’ are trotting out well worn emotional responses without a hint of reason.

I have already discussed the insanity of PTI’s suggestion that Pakistan nuke Israel, though I did not even bother to mention then what such an irrational policy would result for Pakistan itself.

Ansar Abbasi has made a similar suggestion recently, except not just for Pakistan but for all Muslim countries to launch a joint military operation against Israel.

Maleeha Lodhi, may be more sophisticated, but she appears to have the same suggestion also, although presenting it in a more subtle, plausibly deniable way.

Maleeha Lodhi obviously doesn’t mention war by name, but since Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and Pakistan have all been working to try to negotiate an end to the violence, it is not unreasonable to assume that diplomacy is not a satisfactory means for our ex-diplomat.

Details aside, the idea is always the same – that the Ummah is under attack from Jews and all means necessary to secure the Ummah against the Jews is justified. Ironically, this is essentially the same idea that is guiding Israel’s policy of state terrorism against Gaza – a religious obligation to kill.

Gaza can’t be saved with religion. That does not mean we should not pray to Allah to intervene and stop this madness, but it means that giving the same prayers that the Israelis are giving – ‘Oh God Kill Our Enemies’ – is part of the problem not part of the solution. In the meantime, we need to start looking for solutions that do not involve religious violence. Both for Gaza, and for ourselves.

PTI’s Modest Proposal: Nuke Israel!

AQ Khan and Imran Khan

While atrocities continue to take place in Gaza, several countries are trying to stop the killing. America offered to help broker a cease fire last week, but with its history of unquestioning support for Israel, the US is not seen as a neutral broker. Egypt has been trying to negotiate its own cease fire, but has not been able to get Hamas to agree to stop its rocket attacks. As the body count rises with no end in sight, however, PTI has a modest proposal of its own. Start a nuclear war with Israel!

Here is Senior PTI founding member and spokesman for Imran Khan:


Bloody good idea! And I do mean bloody. After all, Israel is only 114 km wide at its widest point. For those unfamiliar with the actual geography, it looks like this:

Israel map

So let us imagine what would happen if we followed PTI’s advice and nuked Israel. Obviously, we would kill millions of Jews including innocent women and children. This might be considered a small price to pay for stopping the killing of the Palestinians, though – never mind that killing innocents with disproportionate response is exactly what we’re protesting Israel for.

Because of the small geography and the large impact of nuclear weapons, though, we would also kill all the Palestinians, too. But we can rationalise this because they will embrace martyrdom in effort to kill all the Jews. The important thing to remember is that after our attack, Israel will no longer be able to kill innocent Palestinians! Because, of course, we will have killed them all ourselves.

Another fool proof plan courtesy PTI!