Democracy Surrenders in Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif and Gen RaheelPakistani authorities are clamping down on discussion of excesses committed by law enforcement personnel as the country struggles with its half-hearted battle against terrorism. A woman activist was killed on April 24th just hours she hosted an event for a dissident from the embattled province of Baluchistan. Pakistans establishment considers advocates of Baloch autonomy as separatists and have focused more resources on fighting them than in confronting Islamist terrorists, who were Pakistans allies in Afghanistan and in India in Kashmir.

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Biggest problem with Cyber Crime Bill: It’s an admission of failure

cyber crime bill

Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act aka “Cyber Crimes Bill” is likely to become law despite outcry from the public and global human rights organisations. The reasons it is a bad law has been explained in great detail, and Human Rights Watch has said that the bill “neither protects the public from legitimate online security concerns nor respects fundamental human rights”. However there is another problem with the proposed law that has received far less attention but could be the worst problem: It is an admission of failure by the state.

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