Opening old wounds – Ours and Theirs

A staggering 27,117 people stand united, holding green and red boards above their heads, to put up the world’s biggest ever human flag at the National Parade Ground on Victory day yesterday

Bangladeshis set world records during 16th December celebration.

The approach of 16th December fills me with unease every year. It’s one of those times when I try to avoid Facebook, Twitter, and the media in general. The level of insanity that is inevitably present makes me depressed, and let’s be honest – we don’t need extra reasons to be depressed these days. In recent years, there have been attempts to deal with the loss of East Pakistan by trying to re-write history so that the blame falls on America and Jews as well as the usual Indian bogey. This year, with the sentence of Abdul Quader Molla coinciding, I knew it was going to be particularly awful. And I was right.

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