Islamabad Cannot Be a Haven While the Rest of Pakistan Suffers

Abductions, kidnapping and disappearances are the norm in Pakistan. This week, however, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) expressed concern over the “deteriorating law and order situation” in the capital when advocate Hammad Saeed Dar was abducted from his home by unidentified individuals before being released two days later.


In his hearing, IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah remarked “that no prompt action had been taken by the police and inquired if any action had been taken against the concerned station house officer (SHO). He said the “state’s attitude is not correct”. Justice Minallah said that incidents of abductions were “a serious matter” and they had continued taking place without the culprits responsible being found. He asked DIG Syed to thoroughly investigate the matter in detail and make an example out of the case. DIG Syed was ordered to submit the details of the investigation report in 10 days to the court.”


Finally, CJ Minhallah noted concern over “the deteriorating law and order situation and alleged abduction of citizens” and that “The most cherished and valuable fundamental right is [the] liberty of a citizen; the latter’s security and the right not to be deprived from freedom of movement; the right not to be detained otherwise in accordance with law.”

Author: Omar Derawal

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Author: Omar Derawal