Pakistan Establishment-tied Propagandists advance Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories!

Pakistan has always been one of those countries where you can find conspiracy theories of all kinds and even those beyond the pale of imagination. As this Herald article of 2015 stated “What is the wildest conspiracy theory pertaining to Pakistan?”

However, Covid19, has combined the anti-American, pro-Chinese, pro-Islamist and pro-military conspiracy theories to create some conspiracy theories that we would laugh at if the proponents weren’t serious.

According to Hyper-nationalist Zealot Zaid Hamid the U.S. is behind the Covid19 pandemic because it needed to force people to stay home, watch television through smart TVs (all of whom are regulated by the US deep state) and their cellphones (that too are under US surveillance).

Such anti-American conspiracy theories are not limited to Hamid alone, former politician and member of the PPP, Faisal Raza Abidi alleged on a television show that the US created Covid19 to prevent China from rising economically and also hurt countries -like Italy and Iran – that were building close ties with China. 

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