Did Pakistan’s Army Chief want Asia Bibi to hang like Afzal Guru?

Asia Noreen Bibi, the poor Christian woman on death row for 9 years has left Pakistan and is in Canada. Even though the Pakistani civilian government and military establishment appear to be taking credit for her release and for improving Pakistan’s image in the global arena what is the reality? Did the security establishment want Bibi released or not?

On a recent television show Orya Maqbool Jaan, Pakistani columnist and talk show analyst with Jihadi leanings who is known for close ties to the deep state, asserted “I met Pakistan Army Chief [Gen Bajwa] during Asia Bibi’s acquittal issue. He said he wanted judges to do same like Afzal Guru case in India who was hanged due to public sentiment. But courts decided in favor of Free Asia poster I saw in Paris.”

The video is available here


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