Articles Pakistan Media was Forced Not to Run- II

The Pakistani Deep state is attempting to muzzle Pakistani voices on the mainstream media. We at New Pakistan believe it is our duty to make sure these voices and what they say is read by all of you.

In this series we will print those articles that were not published by the mainstream media.

The second is an article by Mosharraf Zaidi. In his tweet of April 17, 2018 Mr Zaid stated on twitter: “For the first time in over a decade, @thenews_intl has refused to publish my column. This unnecessary muzzling of debate is not healthy. Strong nations cultivate robust debate. Weak ones fear it. Pakistan is stronger than it is being allowed to be.”

Here are a few lines from the article, the rest of the article is available in images below.

‘Making Pakistan Zindabad count’

Mosharraf Zaidi

“There is a crisis in our national discourse and the tendency in times like this is to pick a side and exacerbate the crisis. The national leadership has failed to apply the handbrake and take stock. The result is a slippery slope which the country is sliding at a pace that is neither sustainable, nor good for the future of the country. One of the worst things we can do at this time is to pick a side because really there are no sides here other than Pakistan, and that is the only side each of us should be on. But the absolute, single worst thing we can do at this time is to look away and ignore the crisis.”

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