Balochistan: Our Human Rights Blind Spot

Mass-Graves-Found-in-Khuzdar-Balochistan-Pakistan-820x300Entire country’s effort to shame the global community into waking up to the human rights atrocities in Kashmir is encouraging and shows the power that even the common man can have when united behind the cause of justice. Now that we know what is possible, though, we must ask why the same level of effort is not being given to the human rights of our own countrymen. I am speaking of course about the human rights atrocities which are being committed in Balochistan. According to official documents, over 1,000 bullet riddled corpses have been recovered from Balochistan during the last six years.

Ironically, while we are protesting that the entire world is blind to the atrocities in Kashmir, the world has been reporting the human rights situation in Balochistan for years and we are the ones who have been ignoring it. Our Kashmiri brothers and sisters deserve justice and the ability to live without fear of state terrorism, but don’t our Baloch brothers and sisters deserve this also?

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