Video exposes Husain Haqqani…but what is he saying wrong?

The following video has been going around exposing Husain Haqqani for anti-Pakistan conspiracies. Such pieces are nothing new, but this one in particular caught my attention for one simple reason: What is he saying that is wrong?

Nothing Haqqani says is against Pakistan. He is actually giving some advice for how to strengthen Pakistan. What is the harm in this? Shouldn’t we be proud that a Pakistani was invited to speak at such a forum? If certain groups are upset that he is not following the right script, why can’t they get their own people invited to such forums? It should also be noted that this video appears to be several years old. Why is it being sent around now?

After watching the video meant to ‘expose’ Husain Haqqani as against Pakistan, I am actually wondering if anti-Pakistan elements are the ones so desperate to defame him!

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