Kill and Dump Operations Still Ongoing in Balochistan?

Missing persons protest

“Disappearances of people of Balochistan are the most burning issue in the country.”
– Supreme Court Justice Javid Iqbal

A few years ago, plight of Baloch people and the tragic stories of families desperate to find some answer about their missing family members. International Human Rights organisations released terrifying reports of atrocities by security agencies. In recent years, journalists were warned against reporting on the situation in Balochistan. Suddenly, the narrative changed and we were being fed stories about Baloch militants surrendering by hundreds to Pakistan forces. Like much of what we are told today the reality is not as clean than the official version. It is almost impossible for journalists to travel to Balochistan, but some international journalists are starting to report what they are terming as ‘the bloodiest war you’ve never heard of‘. In Pakistan, there are also beginning to be traces of the bloodstains reappearing in media reports.

A new report about Frontier Corps killing Baloch militants notes that more bullet riddled bodies are being found dumped.

Meanwhile, two bullet-riddled bodies were found in the coastal town of Pasni in Gwadar district.

The two men were killed in a shootout with the security forces in Ward No 7, Pasni SHO Imam Bakhash Baloch said.

The bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital Pasni, where they were identified as Younas Yousaf and Hanif Kulanchi.

However, the family members of the victims claimed the men had been missing for a while before they were found dead.

According to sources, Younas went missing on February 20, 2013 while Hanif had been missing since June 23, 2015.

Kill and dump‘ operations have been commonly used in Balochistan since long. After giving some small hope for justice, Supreme Court has once again turned away from. Can’t the honourable Justices feel some sympathies for the heartbroken mothers? If our Baloch brothers and sisters are denied justice, what can we expect when Army vows to ‘go to any length‘ in Karachi?

Author: Mukhtar Ahmed

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Author: Mukhtar Ahmed