PTI’s Modest Proposal: Nuke Israel!

AQ Khan and Imran Khan

While atrocities continue to take place in Gaza, several countries are trying to stop the killing. America offered to help broker a cease fire last week, but with its history of unquestioning support for Israel, the US is not seen as a neutral broker. Egypt has been trying to negotiate its own cease fire, but has not been able to get Hamas to agree to stop its rocket attacks. As the body count rises with no end in sight, however, PTI has a modest proposal of its own. Start a nuclear war with Israel!

Here is Senior PTI founding member and spokesman for Imran Khan:


Bloody good idea! And I do mean bloody. After all, Israel is only 114 km wide at its widest point. For those unfamiliar with the actual geography, it looks like this:

Israel map

So let us imagine what would happen if we followed PTI’s advice and nuked Israel. Obviously, we would kill millions of Jews including innocent women and children. This might be considered a small price to pay for stopping the killing of the Palestinians, though – never mind that killing innocents with disproportionate response is exactly what we’re protesting Israel for.

Because of the small geography and the large impact of nuclear weapons, though, we would also kill all the Palestinians, too. But we can rationalise this because they will embrace martyrdom in effort to kill all the Jews. The important thing to remember is that after our attack, Israel will no longer be able to kill innocent Palestinians! Because, of course, we will have killed them all ourselves.

Another fool proof plan courtesy PTI!

4 thoughts on “PTI’s Modest Proposal: Nuke Israel!

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  2. Its Very gud idea…it will save the entire humanity…we could find mossad involved in every muslim countries conspiracy whether it is sudan breakway or algeria crisis in 1991, whether it is ttp training or isis training in jordan…infact they have long plan to make greater israel including saudi, jordan, syria, iraq..if anyone goes to history they are outsider who capture palestine in 1948 and killed millions of muslims…so wiping them out is no crime…

  3. This is what most male human beings know. Killing, bloody, wars, power, conquering. And with that mentality, those men have drugged the women and children in their wars. It doesn’t mater if the men are white, yellow, purple, black. Through out history, I have learned that all the men are the same; egotistic, selfish, greedy, with with one thing in mind; power, killing, bloody wars. So, why should I care if their nations disappear? Furthermore, many nations continue suppressed women, like the Middle East and Asia; with no human rights. Who exterminated all the Indian Natives in
    Argentina? Well, European white supremacy. In Chile, only a very tiny number of Indians survived. There is no hope for peace in this earth; because the animalistic men will never change. The worst thing that happen to this earth, was invention of religion. So, many wars have been fought in the name of religion.

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