Fall from grace

This is the last in the series of 3 articles on Talibans/Clergy by the author.

Barring the Buddhism and the early Christianity where Christ can be cited as preaching nonviolence, we see the human mind generally inclined to find solution to a given problem only through the force of arms because the gravity of the situation shows that there is no other alternative open to opt for.  In such a context, the phrase “turn the other cheek” is apparently not likely to present an ideal choice. Of course, sometime the use of force becomes inevitable but those situations are exclusionary. We can say for example a country taken over by the enemy drives its citizens to armed struggle, which makes the emerging violence and bloodshed fully justified by the simplest of logic. On this analogy, we become interested to know Talibans and what they are up to? Are they fighting USA and Pakistan as a religious obligation? If that should be the reason then why, in the first case, did they enlist the help of these two nations financially, materially and morally in order to fight the Russians and chase them out of their country – purifying their soil from encroachment of the infidels? Their struggle to storm Jalalabad and take it over was well orchestrated in minor details by the combine of back-up agencies but they were comprehensively routed by the superior combat ability of the Afghans. Had they embarked on this mission on their own, they would definitely have been annihilated. This should conclusively prove that they are even now getting all possible moral and material support from somewhere otherwise they must have been decimated by now. As a rule, every nation has its enemy and in case of trouble enemy of the enemy by itself comes to help. When they were fighting Russians, USA and its allies were helping them and now when they are fighting USA the enemies of USA are bound to provide them with all possible assistance – solicited or not. Take for example the freedom struggle of India. All the independence movements like Ghaddar Party, INA etc. were fully supported by the Germans and Japanese only to hasten the fall of the British Raj by compounding its problems in India.

The whole conflict erupting in Afghanistan gave rise to a hot war spawned by the decades old cold war raging through subtle schemes of enhancing the international clout. The parties fighting it out were drawn into two hostile opposite camps of Warsaw and NATO. As the western propaganda would have us believe, the USA intervention in Afghanistan was only to help Afghans realize their ambition of seeing the backs of Russians who had come to occupy their country. It is a wholly rotten idea and can be debunked straight off inasmuch as the Soviet Russia never invaded Afghanistan to find new markets for dumping its products there. Their arrival was solely on account of an invitation from the revolutionary Afghan Government to interfere on their behalf and save the revolution. The change in the overall scenario of Afghanistan was ideological and, though it did come about by force, it was – nonetheless – meant for the good of the common man. Did Tarakai belong to Afghan aristocracy or, to be precise, was he a warlord, chieftain or a a top religious guy whose commercial interests were in jeopardy? The interests of the tribal Chieftains and the religious hierarchy stood directly threatened.  So, they rebelled in the name of God to befool the general public. The uprising was clearly masterminded by USA and, seeing the opportunity, it threw in its weight on the side of these interest groups and concurrently drew in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to contribute financially to lay out a strong foundation of insurgency and impregnate the resistance. The underlying purpose was to get even with Russians after the Vietnam reversals and Muslims were only used as ancillary.  This was also the case in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Kosovo etc. where the Muslims were exploited to bring down the Russian edifice and blow out communist influence in the Balkans. The story of the whole combative struggle in the post revolution period in Afghanistan is not too unfamiliar.  Millions of poor Afghans died with their posterity left at the mercy of the freaks of history? You can see in Pakistan where their third generation is scavenging, in the frosty mornings of our freezing winters, the heaps of refuse/leftover thrown out from our dining tables to keep our houses clean. The children who would be going to school are clearing our drains. I am one of those who firmly believes that the Russian presence in Afghanistan could have at least proved a great leveler by defusing the vested interests of the chieftains and the religious pecking order. At least, Russia should have been accepted as a lesser evil. Please make no mistake that no Muslim can be a communist or an atheist. At best, he will be looking for economic reforms to help his people. Ouster of Russians from Afghanistan vitiated the prospects of improving the condition of the common man. The emergence of an enlightened society was foreclosed and obscurantism of the divine warriors (khudai faujdars) took over.

Nobody has, so far, come out with a satisfactory answer that if a jihad had become so necessary after the Russian arrival in Afghanistan, why was the American landing in Saudi Arabia given a religious immunity and a contingent of Pak army and Afghan fighters was sent to fight Saddam in tandem? Do the Talibans know that the resistance movement in Afghanistan, created by the imperialist block, was unfit to fight the Russians with their handheld weapons? These weapons were so primitive and outdated that USA thought it prudent to replace them to increase the combat ability of its mercenaries and so the Afghan insurgents were supplied sophisticated arms carefully brought into Pakistan and stockpiled for free distribution to them duly overseen by our religious patriarchs like Sami ul Haq, Qazi Hussain Ahmad et alia. Now, this avant-garde of Islam is hurling all kinds of abuses on USA and its allies. I would dare highlight a couple of instances to deconstruct the religious myth of these leaders. One is when I saw Sami ul Haq talking to an anchor during his TV interview. When asked why did they accept the financial support of USA for as holy a mission as Jihad in the way of God, he said “we used the money of infidels against the infidels”?  Second, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, answering a similar question during a TV Show, said “by accepting the financial and material aid of USA, we made a fool of them”.  Can anything be more dim-witted than this? The readers can best decide for themselves as to who was making a fool of whom? The early visits of the Afghan religious .leaders to the White House during the incumbency of Ronald Reagen is only too recent to be easily forgotten which amply clarifies as to who was behind the creation of these religious mugs? When the Taibans crucified Dr. Najibullah, they only proved that they were imperialist hangmen.  In the same way, if my memory serves me well, the Indonesian clergy was brought on line to avert the people’s resolution which had emerged very strongly. The genocide there is only a part of history now.

After a rather detailed prelude, I would now come to the letter written to Hamid Mir (Jang: 18-10-2012) by Ahsanullah Ahsan, a spokesman of the Talibans, in which he accuses Malala of being a spy working for the enemy and used a dirty language against her declaring her fit for lynching. Abusing Hamid Mir, he also termed democracy a heretic code of political conduct. You cannot expect anything better from an obscurantist, can you? The people like him do not understand that the holy war they claim to be fighting was never declared by any legitimate Government. Zia was only a surrogate and a usurper. Discretion is a better part of the valor. They would, therefore, be well advised to use their discretion and give up arms to work for the good of the people in order to create a society based on social justice. They should sketch out a program of at least half a century to educate a class of selfless people who would bring a change in the thinking and revolutionize the socio-economic set-up of this country. Producing fanatics for internecine conflict with Shias and other communities will drag the country into the quagmire of instability. Best brains should be preserved regardless of who they are.  Don’t try to thrust yourself on the people of other dispensations. Live and let live. Being religious, people listen to you. Use this x-factor to guide the people and change the socio-political backdrop of the country. Drone attacks are not of our making. Read out the alliances we entered into and the commitments we made in these one-sided compacts. The provisions of these security pacts were tempered carefully to make Pakistan assume the role of a front line of defence against Russian expansionist designs towards South Asia. Talibans were brought in only as auxiliary forces. Attacking women in any society is detested. What they have done to Malala has only earned them disrepute/disrespect and they have fallen from grace in the eyes of the people the world over and are detested in every nook and cranny of this country. Why don’t they realize that their hero Osama should better have fought Israel instead of traversing all the way to this region and also contributing to facilitate imperialist campaigns in Bosnia and Kosovo. The USA-trained mujahideen supported by NATO killed Qadhafi and are now after Bashar Al-Asad in Syria while taking guidance from outside. Israel has been conveniently glossed over. The imperialist interests have been well guarded to save the M.E. oil for them. I have no doubt in my mind that the struggle of these mujahideen shall continue until the vestiges of left-oriented politics in the world are reduced to nothing. If this is jihad then I shall love to be called an apostate. Hizbullah – a Shia outfit from Lebanon – had Israel on the run. He did something which Osama or any other Arab failed to do. There lies the difference between the true jihadists and the chamberlains of imperialism.

To exercise international clout it is necessary to have dominance in the spheres of military, economy, culture and technology. According to Brzezinski this has been achieved and there is no single nation at the moment to challenge USA. Clinton believes that, after realizing its objectives, USA has become indispensable. The world cannot ignore USA or else it will descend into a total anarchy. Should that be true, then thanks are due to the holy warriors all over the world who have made USA’s position unmatched and unassailable. It can, therefore, reign supreme for as long as it wishes. As for us we can go on day-dreaming for the return of Muslims to dominate the world, for which no timetable is available.


The writer is in his mid 70s and has to his credit a vast experience of working with national and international business executives. He can be reached at qadirs38@yahoo.com

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