Load Shedding and Responsibility Shedding

Stealing power in KarachiNext time the lights go out, think about the fact that state agencies owe Rs70 BILLION in payments for electricity. Before we go making the usual complaints about corrupt politicians ruining everything, take a look at the list of defaulters

Supreme Court: Rs3.5 million
ISI: Rs8.2 million
IB: Rs2.7 million
FIA: Rs8.3 million
Punjab police department: Rs140 million
Islamabad police: Rs20 million
Rangers (Punjab): Rs52.25 million
Rangers (Sindh): Rs75 million

Of course the usual suspects are present also, Pakistan Railways, Senate, etc etc etc.

The point is that nobody is innocent. We all want electricity, but no one wants to pay for it. Dawn says that “the onus is on the government, which regularly raises power tariffs, to show the way and desist from its profligate use of electricity.”

Which is convenient, obviously. We’ll pay our share as soon as the government pays its share.

But we’re a democracy now.

Which means the government is us.

Time to pay the bill.

One thought on “Load Shedding and Responsibility Shedding

  1. It is very foolish that the protesting people are breaking & burning the vehicles of their own fellows and are damaging the public property …. If at all we must protest we must protest correctly.

    Let’s tomorrow get hold of some minister or the MNA whom we had voted into the assembly and put his/her home on fire. We’ll need to burn only one or two of them and the problems will start getting solved.

    Let’s gather some courage and do the right thing and put some minister or his home on fire. This is about punishing the real culprits rather than our own brethren who are victims just like ourselves.

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