President Zardari Visits Flood Victims

President Asif Ali Zardari sought to fend off Thursday public outcry over his response to Pakistan’s catastrophic floods by visiting a hard-hit area for the first time and handing out aid.

The president visited Sukkur, which lies close to the worst affected areas in the southern province of Sindh, where he was briefed about the damages, steps being taken, relief and rehabilitation efforts, officials said.

A local government official told AFP that he distributed relief goods among flood victims at a camp in a college, assuring survivors that the government was doing the maximum possible to assist them.

“Don’t feel alone. We are here with you and will do everything to get you resettled as soon as possible,” the official quoted Zardari as saying.

One thought on “President Zardari Visits Flood Victims

  1. Floods and the President

    The floods in the country have spread havoc in the country. There is little that the Government is doing to redress the suffering of the poor lot. We should organize our volunteer network to help the flood victims and be seen in the poor lot as a nation which wants to help without any return or favor.

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