Taliban Says Reject Aid, Let Flood Victims Die

While thousands are dead and millions are suffering from the devastating floods, international support has been forthcoming with the Americans donating $35 Million and at least 30 helicopters among other supplies such as bridges, halal foods, and medical equipment. What does the Taliban say? Taliban says we should reject help and let our people die.

The most devastating floods in Pakistan’s living memory have affected up to 13.8 million people and killed an estimated 1,600 prompting the UN to prepare an appeal for several hundred million dollars for immediate relief.

“We will ourselves distribute relief under leadership of our chief Hakimullah Mehsud among the people if the government assures us that none of our members will be arrested,” Tariq said.

“We condemn American and other foreign aid and believe that it will lead to subjugation. Our jihad against America will continue.”

Washington has provided 35 million dollars in aid, including 436,000 halal meals and 12 pre-fabricated bridges.The White House said that US helicopters have helped to save more than 1,000 lives in Pakistan.

So the foreign aid has helped save thousands of lives. Remind me what sort of aid Taliban has provided for us?

The TTP, a key architect of a bombing campaign that has killed more than 3,570 people across Pakistan in three years, grabbed the global spotlight after the United States accused the group over a failed car bomb plot in New York in May.

That is some help we can certainly do without.

4 thoughts on “Taliban Says Reject Aid, Let Flood Victims Die

  1. The above article is interesting piece of what I think to be a fabricated attention grabbing headline. All the media channels are accusing the govt of mismanagement and lack off trust by overseas pakistanis, I dnt believe that anyone with relations to pakistan is not concerned or suffering as a result off the floods, be it president zardari or the ttp’s hakimullah mehsud.

  2. What do you think would have been the fate of those thousands that Americans airlifted with their helicopters? Or the hundreds of thousands that received foods? They would have died. It is beyond pale to suggest that Pakistan should not accept help from anyone willing to lend assistance. Besides, since when does Hakimullah care if Pakistanis die? He’s been killing us with no pity. Now suddenly he has gained a heart? Fine. Let him stop suicide bombings if he really cares about suffering in Pakistan!!!

  3. What do you ,think for what America has announced the aid. They are businessmen and they dont invest without profit. We should be strong at ourselves sufficient to meet these challenges. Moreover the aid from abroad is infact in the best benefit of the politicians who will distribute not for the effectees. We should not forget about the aid for earth quack effectees and effectees of opration who are still not able to go homes. And blaming any one for bombing is not reasonable without any proof. Dont forget the foreign agencies working in Pakistan with Govt permission and also conclusion of the investigation after which accused are released. Also dont forget the opportunistics like Maulana fazli and extrimist like Iftikhar of Khyber Pakhtoon Khah and Asfand Yar Wali who once said their is a miner differnce betweeen “Muslehat and Beghairtee” and after Americ yatra for a month his thinking was changed. Dual criteria, unjustice and War of Errors is basic reason for current situation.Do remember friend of enemy is also the enemy and retaliation is the same for both.

  4. the main of objective of Taliban is to reduce the population of Pakistan which has not been done till now, in spite of all the public awareness campaigns by all the Governments of Pakistan. when they could not succeed through bomb blasts they have started giving such non sense statements. They are those who are fighting for their own identity. LEAVE PAKISTAN YOU INSECTS, WE DON’T NEED YOUR STUPID THOUGHTS.

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