Haqqani Says Pakistan Will Need Assistance After Floods

Speaking to Bloomberg TV, Ambassador to US Husain Haqqani explained the reality on the ground with the floods that are ravaging almost one-fifth of the entire nation and affecting millions of people. Ambassador Haqqani explained the stages of the efforts being 1. Rescue and relief 2. Rehabilitation for affected persons 3.

Ambassador Husain Haqqani discusses floods on Bloomberg TV

Reconstruction and rebuilding the infrastructure that is affected. He also recognized the Americans providing 30 additional helicopters at the disposal of the relief efforts. Haqqani stated that the Pakistani militay is quite capable of dealing with the emergency efforts and is grateful to the Americans for providing necessary equipment. The Ambassador Haqqani also issued a call for additional medical supplies and trained personnel who can assist by providing medical services to flood victims. Several Pakistani-Americans with medical training have volunteered to return to the country to provide medical care to victims.

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