Different Responses to KP Flood Crisis

KP flooding continues to destroy the lives of countless citizens. UN is reporting that as many as four million people are affected by the floods. The disaster comes at a fragile time, and it is telling about the different responses from groups to the crisis.

Let us take first the response of Taliban and extremist militant groups. While innocent Muslims are suffering and dying from this flood disaster, these religious extremists are carrying out attacks.


Suicide bomber reportedly kills 3 people in Peshawar

Rescue workers frantically tried to extinguish fires that engulfed several cars in the minutes after the attack near a major market in the city of Peshawar.

Sifwat Ghayur, the head of the Frontier Constabulary, was killed in the attack along with his driver and bodyguard, said Abdul Rahman Khan, a local police officer. The explosion also injured seven other people, he said.

It was unclear whether the suicide bomber attacked on foot or was in a vehicle, said Khan.

The attack comes as the northwest, which has been plagued by violence at the hands of the Pakistani Taliban, is trying to get back on its feet after heavy monsoon rains.

Meanwhile, in Karachi the death toll has risen to 76 as Taliban militants continue violence after murdering MPA Raza Haider (MQM).

So this is the response to tragedy by militants: Murdering innocents

Taliban militants murder innocents during flood crisis

Next let us look at the American response. While innocent Muslims are suffering and dying from this flood disaster, Americans are doing everything to help.

First, American Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton announced $10 Million (856 Million Rupees) to aid the response and the flood victims. Yesterday, the American government announced that it will be providing new bridges and halal meals to feed the hungry.

Wait, did you read that?

The American government is providing halal meals for flood victims.

US government provides halal meals to flood victims

So much for that conspiracy theory that they are waging war against Islam.

It is not being reported that American citizens are even using their mobile phones to make donations by SMS. The US Army is using its helicopters to rescue victims.

So here is the different response. Taliban gives bombs, Americans give halal food. Something to think about.


6 thoughts on “Different Responses to KP Flood Crisis

  1. @Shehrbano perhaps you could be right. It is certainly true that I do not have much patience for militants and I think they do much more harm than any good. I read that JuD has set up some charity for flood victims, but I think it must be weighed against the harm also. For example, madrassa does provide some important social needs like providing some food for these children, but if they become suicide bombers at 15, what good is that? Honestly, I look forward to the day when we do not need any JuD or America to provide aid to our people. But until that day arrives, I would trust the helping hand of Hillary Clinton more than Hafiz Saeed .

  2. I like the America who is helping us in these situation; the differ in religious point of view but the way the behave they look like Muslims.
    and the taliban who say that we are great Muslims they are just killing and enjoying the worries of there people means Muslims.
    so difference is clear that this is not Jihad but …………………….

  3. America helping us with their helicopters as I know nearly 18 is working in flood damage area I think its good step by USA government USA providing us Halal food its good for batter relationship between two countries but I m wonder to read that why you talking about Hafiz Muhammad Saeed adeel sb lakin usa jo kar raha hai wo tu bheek hai ap bheek k milne pe khush ho rahai hain shayed bhekariun ki fitrat payi hai ap nai kiun k jab onhain bheek milti hai tu wo bhe ap ki tarha he khush hote hain jab usa main tofan aya tha tu kia ap nai on ki madad k lia kuch bheja tha jab china main flood aya tu kia onhon nai kuch manga hum sai ya usa sai wo tu hum sai bad main azad howae thay na phir aisa kia hai k wo hum sai zeda khud daar ho gai kiun k wahan par ap jesi fitrat k bhekari nahin hain wo khud daar loug hain jo apne paon par kahra hona passnad karte hain mujhe harangi huti hai jab hum pakistan main rehne wale lougon ko is tharha sai kehte sonte hian hum samjhte hain k pakistani mazhab k bohat qareeb hain time kam hai

  4. If you have write, you should have to give reports of all partiese, include our Government, President and most of all Pakistan Citizen.
    Have we all helping these people as we have help in earthquick? why ……?

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