Fake Degrees? Fake Crisis.

This fake crisis about where certain MNA’s received their degree is a ridiculous waste of time. No law requires an MNA to hold any degree, and that this is only now being mentioned two years after elections just proves that it is nothing but a ploy at overthrowing the government by some other means.

Musharraf’s law that required some degree to sit for parliament was thrown out by the Supreme Court in 2008. Elections were held and nobody has said a word about this until now, which should raise eyebrows. Actually, the political propagandists trying to push this fake crisis are misleading people by saying that the law would render anyone unqualified for the last elections. How can anyone be unqualified by a requirement that is not in accordance with the constitution.

That this fake crisis is being manufactured by anti-government propagandists like Ansar Abbasi says everything about the intentions behind this phony crisis. The moment the present government was elected freely by the people, these political opportunists declared that they would bring the government down. Try as they might, however, they have been unsuccessful.

Their continued failure has not stopped this mob from making new attempts at a ‘coup by other means’. Even now the Chief Justice is ordering the Election Commission of Paksitan to initiate action against legislators accused of having ‘fake’ degrees.

Remember that this same group that now says that even though Musharraf’s degree requirement was invalid it should still be respected, was only a few weeks before saying that there is some magical ‘basic features’ to the constitution that no law can avoid. Now it seems there are no ‘basic features’ and they are demanding that the courts respect an unconstitutional provision passed by a dictator!

What is worst, according to the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s recent statements, “Every law of the land, so long as it exists on the statute books, has to be respected and must be followed.” This is quite a change of tune from the old Chief Justice! Does the Chief Justices newly acquired belief also mean that the cases against Zardari that were acquitted under the NRO and CrPC have to be “respected and must be followed” also? Or does the CJ believe that the law is only valid when it is politically convenient? Has the Chief Justice no shame?!

The truth is, it is not the present MNAs who have done some wrong but it is Musharraf for allowing elections before the court threw out the law. Musharraf’s actions prevented potential candidates from legally sitting for election.

The daily barrage of unfounded accusations and vicious rumours by this lot have only damaged their own reputations as their true souls have been unmasked before the nation. They will tell any falsehood, adopt any convenient politics, serve any poison in their efforts to achieve their political goals.

If the people don’t want a representative in parliament who has a degree from an unaccredited university – or any university – let them decide on election day which is coming up in 2013. Until then, this manufactured crisis is only a waste of time when parliament should be making sure people have food and jobs and safety. If the courts are bored, perhaps they could spend a little bit more time protecting the people’s rights, and a little bit more less time coddling terrorist militants.

2 thoughts on “Fake Degrees? Fake Crisis.

  1. We do not need men and women of Letters to sit in
    the Parliament.After all our present politicians do have plenty of thistle to live upon and need not develop their minds.There is only one thing that I see in these articles attacking the Judiciary the author seems has lost his thongs
    and hopes no child will cry out loud; Look mom he
    has the same N%n% as? Education must be banned and
    we must accept Mullah Umar as our Caliph? Will the
    honorable author accept this proposal or he lives
    on the scraps of corruption and nepotism.

  2. The problem we have with the fake degree holders is that they commit forgery. They took the office with a big lie and should be banned for life to take part in politics ever.

    Justice FTW

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