A Step Forward

The conclusion of this week’s talks between Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir and his Indian counterpart Nirupama Rao are, as described by FM Qureshi, ‘a step forward’ and leave us with hope that substantive progress can be made, and soon. Insha’allah this will come to pass as it will free up much needed resources and attention for fighting the jihadi menace that continues to wreak havoc.

Indian and Pakistani diplomats held key talks today in Islamabad for the first time in more than two years to explore ways of overcoming mistrust.

Speaking on newsmen on the occasion, Rao said both the countries should emphasize upon reviving the disrupted dialogue process. “We discussed modalities for restoring of trust and agreed that dialogue process is the only way forward,” she said.

Rao said Pakistan and India should narrow down their difference, expressing optimism that “serous dialogues could lead to peace ties between the two neighboring countries.”

“I am looking forward to a stronger and stable Pakistan,” Rao said.

It is indisputable that India provides too much of a distraction for our defense forces. This is not an unwarranted distraction, of course, but it is one that is nevertheless senseless, and the sooner both our nations can find bridge the ‘trust gap’ and move beyond our mutual doubts and suspicions the better for everyone.


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