Pakistan’s Three J’s

Judges, Journalists, and Jihadis

By Mahmood Adeel

It used to be said that Pakistan was ruled by three A’s: Allah, Army and America. But that may be the past as there appears to be a new trio that is moving to take power, the Three J’s: Judges, Journalists, and Jihadis.


Just this weekend, Dawn reported that Hijratullah – the main suspect captured in the attack on the Manawan police training academy in Lahore – was released by a court. This is just the latest in what is fast becoming a trend in Pakistan: judges releasing key terror suspects.

Just last month, the Supreme Court upheld a Lahore High Court order releasing Jamaatud Dawa leader Hafiz Mohammad Saeed who has been accused of masterminding the Mumbai attacks despite protests from government officials and law enforcement.

Releasing Hafiz Saeed is something of a hobby for the Lahore High Court, which orders the government and law enforcement to free the suspected terrorist at least once a year.

That’s not to say that the Lahore High Court is not concerned about terrorism – it simply doesn’t seem to believe in Islamic militancy, despite the near daily attacks on the country. In March, Members of the National Assembly staged a walkout in protest of remarks by Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Mohammad Sharif that Hindus were responsible for terrorism in the country. In fact, Khawaja Sharif’s remarks came on the heels of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s plea for the Taliban to ‘spare Punjab’, implicitly offering to establish a separate peace in exchange for a sacrifice of the rest of the country.

But that’s not to say that our judges are doing nothing – they seem to be very busy spending all of their time on 15-year-old politically motivated charges and Swiss cases that have already been closed for many years. Is this really the most pressing issue in the nation? The independent judiciary and Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry after being reinstated by Asif Zardari seem to have nothing more important than to look back at old NRO cases. Meanwhile, terrorists and their supporters go free every day.

In fact, think about this one minute – Chief Justice Iftikhar seems to be willing to take suo moto notice of everything related to the president or some government minister, but when Punjab government gives Rs 80 Millions to banned organization Jamaatud Dawa, he is silent.


Journalists are the second big J in this group. Also for Jang Group just like the judges there seems to be no need for evidence to accuse government ministers of every crime under the sun. But they cannot seem to find anything wrong with Hafiz Saeed. And The Nation is the worst – I think some jihadis could blow up Shireen Mazari’s house and she would yell that it is the fault of Zardari for making alliances with the Americans.

Suicide bombers are killing us almost at will. Yesterday, a car bomb in Quetta killed one of our brave soldiers. But do not expect Ansar Abbasi or Shahid Masood to take any notice. Rather they are more interested in playing judge and trying to prosecute government officials in the ‘Media Courtroom’.


Can there be any question that the greatest threat to Pakistan is the growing network of jihadi militants that are operating in the country? Their vicious attacks become bolder and deadlier each day. How can a group attack military and police offices if they do not believe that they can operate without fear of being held to account by the judges or even criticised by the journalists. Rather, the jihadis are attacking the state, judges are attacking the state, and journalists are attacking the state. The three J’s seem to be united in purpose.

At the end of the day, though, the loser is the only letter that matters – A for Awami. When will it be our turn to rule Pakistan?

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12 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Three J’s

  1. Dear Mr. Adeel,
    It seems that every one is working for some one else. Why media and politicians are silent for drone attacks? why resolution against kala bagh Dam is considered as sacred and unanimous resolution of NA is being ignored by every one.The 3js you mentioned are not all working against the state. Just the TV channels and other news papers how much they are praising corrupt politicians. when SC is taking notice of these all corruptions the hue and cry coming from all corners. At this stage no one is wellcoming to terrorists but to punish them enough evidences are required by the authorities. which they could not for all cases whether for NRO,misisters corruption cases or terrorist activitie.
    It is requested before blaming to others just request our honest awami govt to take control on corruption and making money in kick backs.
    Muhammad Zafar Ullah

  2. Our leaders whether in uniform or Brook Bros suits
    have all wrapped themselves in cocoons of their own choice.Blind as bat and deaf as mole!The only
    thing left is their loud mouth that only twitters
    ‘Mirror,mirror on the wall,am I not the best of all? Yes! my lord but the Judges are fairest of all.

  3. Adeel mujhe Ap ka artical par kar bilkul bhe acha nahin laga kiun Ap nai siwae Jhoot k kcuh bhe nahin likha Ap nai hamare bohat he muhtram Hafiz Saeed or Janab Khawaja Shrif per ongli uthai lakin ap Apni baat ko sabit nahin kar sakte siraf bakwas kar sakte hain Ap kisae keh sakte hain k Janab Hafiz Saeed Sb Mumbai attack k master mind hain kia Ap k pass koi prove hai ya India ki tarha Hawa main teer choor rahe ho os k Bad Ap ne Khuwaja Sb k bare main kaha han yae such hai k india Pakistan k dhmakon main mulawis hain or Blochistan main bhe madakhlat kar raha hai Ap k Rehman Malik nai khud kyi baar kaha hai esai main Ap yae kesai keh sakte hain k onhon nai galat kaha wisae bhe onhon nai India ki baat ki the Hondon ki nahin esai is baat ko ochla gia Tum nai pakistan k lia kia kia hai apne girban main jhanko phir kesi par ongli othna tum lougon ki sazish kamyab nahin ho Tum yahan bhe nakam ho gai or Insha Allah Akhrit main bhe
    Or Pakistan hamesha Ake Islamic Cuontry he rahe ga

  4. @Hussain I’m not buying any Indian arguments. Please consider the facts and stop making apologies for these people. The Indian hand may be everywhere but may be it is not. One thing that is certain is that the jihadi hand is everywhere, and it is holding gun and bomb to kill Pakistanis. So why you are making excuses for them? Pakistan is already an Islamic state. It is called ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ is it not? We observe Islamic custom? There are mosque everywhere. You are not talking about Islamic country, rather you are wishing for Wahhabi Jihadi country. This isn’t Islam, it is just murder.

  5. Mr.Adeel main na tu mazrat khuwahana baat ki hai or yae bhe sahi nahin hai k hum Haqeeqat ko nahin jante Mujhe yae Sooch kar heirangi hai k jinn k barae main Ap k pass koi saboot nahin hai on k bare main tu Ap pakke yakeen k saath keh rahai hain k wo mulawis hain or jinn k bare main Ap ki Agencies baar baar keh rahi hain k yae loug mulawas hain Ap kehte ho k on k barae main ho sakta hai ya nahin? Ap wakalat kiss ki kar rahai ho Ap jante hain? on ki jinn sai Ap nai 3 jangain larin Kargil ki jang lari jo Ap k lougon ko Rooz kashmir main marte hian jo Pakistan main Dhmake karwa rahae hain Pakistan main firkawana fasdat karwana chahte hain abhi jo Lahore main howa wo kia tha kia is sai Firkawarana fasadat nahin ho sakte thay? Lakin Alhamdulillah esa nahin howa kiun k har Pakistani yae janta hai k yae gharon ki sazhish hai or yakeenan main baat ko jaldi khatam karna chahta hon is lia main Ap sai chand swal pochta hon
    1:. Hijratullah k baraae main evidence nahin thay tu wo choot gia lakin Ap k Rehman Malik ko saza hoi lakin Zardari nai wo maof kar de kiun? Ap ko yaad nahin Nabi pak (SW) nai kia farmaya tha k agar meri Beti Fatima (RT) bhe chori kartin tu main on ko bhe wohi saza deta jo dosre k lia tazweez karta Adllia k har fiesle ko Hakoomat rid kar deti hai yahan itne bae zabtgiyan hain k main likh nahin sakta

    2;, Hum hindiun k saath 1000 saal tak rahae Aman k saath saath mill k Angrazon k khelaf 1857 main larae phir bhe Taqseem k waqat Ap k 10 lakh sae zeda loug shaeed kar diayae gai Ap ki ake lakh sai zeda khawateen ko otha kar Sikhon or hindiun nai Apne gharon main daal lia agar hum samaat rakhte hon tu on behno ki Awazain hum aje bhe son sakte hain on lougon sai 3 jangain or Kargil ki jang larne k bad bhe Aman ki omeed karte hain jinhon nai Moka milte he Ap k ake hisae ko Ap sai alag kar dia or ab wo Blochistan main bhe esa he kar rahia hain kia on sai hum ache ki omeed kar sakte hain?

    3;.Ap kihkoomat main corruption arooj per hai international report k 2 saal main is main ezafa howa hai Ap k ghreeb ko roti nahin mill rahi Ap ko PM house or President House k kharche ka pata hai ? kia Ap ko nahin lagta k Hum Moashi tour per Mazhabi tour per Ikhlaki tour per tabha ho choke hain jiss main ghreeb k lia saza or rehman malik k lia choti ? Pakistan Wahabi state nahin hai or na main in chezon per yakeen rakhta hon main Muslim hon or aje har Pakistani noujwan yehi kehta hai main na tu Pakistan ko Afghanistan dekhna chahta hon or na he Europe balke main isae Pakistan dekhna chahta hon intah passandi agar mazhabi loug karain tu qabile grift or agar Schuler loug karain to wo loug tarki passand Ap yakeenan qable reham hain Allah Ap ko or mujhe such samjhne ki Toufeek de Ikhlaki tour per Hakoumat tabha ho chouki hai or is k hami bhe mujhe siraf yae kehna hai Ap k lia

  6. Really a good rumor.
    these 3 j’s along with a g for generals have saved pakistan. All politicians are corrupt and are selling pakistan.
    Jihadis for terrorism in pakistan are supported by India, America and Israel.

  7. Well Muhammad Adeel even a 10 year old guy can see immaturity of your article but lemme show you some of them..

    1) Hijratullah – the main suspect captured in the attack on the Manawan police training academy in Lahore – was released by a court

    So you are yourself claiming by saying he was a suspect not a criminal. Simply mean you are not sure that he is a terrorist or not. then how can u advocate that he should not be released. if nobody proved that he is a criminal then how come a judge can do it. in your opinion Hijratullah has got some family terms with cheif justice. I think those security officials who have accused them of being terrorist should be punished. this is what Islam says. and what your name shows you are a Muslim.

    2)the Supreme Court upheld a Lahore High Court order releasing Jamaatud Dawa leader Hafiz Mohammad Saeed who has been accused of masterminding the Mumbai attacks despite protests from government officials and law enforcement.

    Again here if you have got no prove against so called jamatud dawa leader you cannot proceed. your intention is simply to blame judges by any fabricated story just to satisfy yourslef and to fool others. As for as swiss cases and NRO cases are concern. Dont forget they must be open. whatever the result of it they must be open because the moeny belongs to people of Pakistan, not Pakistan people party or any other political party.

  8. i m agree with Sulman, Mr.Adeel i wanna give you a slap why you accsued on Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and Three “J” as i know thay all are sivelized people and patriot Pakistani i m sure that you is not Pakistani may be not Muslim too. We Love Pakistan and we Love three “J” beacause thay are with tru we hate politician beacause thay are unsivelized,Corrupt,betrayer be positive and be a good Muslim be a good pakistani

  9. lagta sub nai Adeel ki bolti band kar di hahhahahha har watan froosh ka yehi haal hona chayae Adeel if You more thing then write a one more blog on it Sana g well don I Like it.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  10. Mr.Adeel we are waiting for your reply i m sure that you have no any anwser on our questions

    and rehman what you see in this artical

  11. What the difference between India and Pakistan is that most of the Pakistani people relate everything with religion that is Islam, you got to know religion has nothing to do with your nation, nation always comes first while in India common people have their country first, we don’t use religious words in our dialect much because religion is secondary thing for us.
    Today we have more no of Muslims than Pakistan, but still we are happy.
    And India don’t waste much of their time in thinking about Pakistan’s destruction, we are not involved in your downfall in fact people here wants peace with Pakistan, but educated Pakistani people are also like us, problem is with uneducated people who has only one thing in their mind and that is Islam.

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