Why Complain About Zakir Naik Ban?

Only a few weeks after Facebook is banned for including some contents that are offensive of Islam, the UK is banning Zakir Naik. This has started to raise some complaints from different voices about the exclusion of this speaker. But why should we complain?

APP reports today that UK-based Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR) Secretary General Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani has said that Britons should be trusted to make their own decisions.

It adds that the decision should be left to the mature judgement of the members of the community in the audience to shout down any such cleric of hate and the government should steer clear of any for and against pressures or suggestions.

If Britons can be trusted to use mature judgment and not be influenced by hateful remarks, why can’t we be trusted to do the same? Is our faith so shallow that we must have an electronic burqa while the English are strong enough to resist corrupt influences?

Also, is this not the same Zakir Naik who said that it is proper for a people to ban any religious preaching that is not the majority?

If it is right for Islamic nations to ban other religions, why not the English who are Christians to ban him?

Here is a question for the very pious: Do you believe everything Zakir Naik teaches? Because if he makes some statements that are not correct, isn’t that misrepresenting Islam and therefore should be stopped?

Actually, I don’t think that Zakir Naik should be banned from the UK. Also I don’t think Facebook should be banned in Pakistan. All of this trying to control speech never works, and I believe that people should be trusted to use their minds to understand what is correct and what is incorrect. But if we are going to ban speech that we don’t like, how can we complain when others do the same?

20 thoughts on “Why Complain About Zakir Naik Ban?

  1. Zakir naik rocks. No one can ban him. Dr. Zakir is all over internet and on peace tv. Actually they are afraid of people accepting islam nothing else.

  2. He is Charlton corrupting the minds of gullible Muslins. For instance, he says,”Hindus believe that their religion is true but we muslims say that our religion is true”. What a logic!

    Lahore says,”Actually they are afraid of people accepting islam nothing else”.

    I ask Lahore, “Is islam preached by Zakir something to be afraid of?”

    It is a good news that the west have srarted to take notice of this hogwash and started paying them in the same coin.

  3. i love zakir naik because he doesnot speak anything but only from the holy scriptures.he said,’what i say is rubbish,but if it matches with the holy scriptures then it carries weight’.if any one is giving fatwas against him then they should give fatwas against the holy scriptures…
    i love dr. zakir naik

    • If u guys ban the speech then how u will differ whats right n whats wrong.

      A person who quotes from quran cannot be sstopped.

      V love him

  4. This video is posted on youtube by Ahmadis. Please check the profile of the person who added this on youtube

  5. Video posted by Ahmadi but they not controlling what Zakir Naik say. What difference if posted by Ahmadi or Sunni? Zakir Naik say same thing.


  7. Home ministry of Uk succeeded to ban Dr. Zakir Naik from entering UK, but who will be able to ban Islam from spreading in western countries?

  8. i respect dr zakir bcoz he is a true man.
    woh log islam k dushman hain jo zakir bhai ko galat khete hain Allah un k sath hota hai jo us k deen sy mutalik kaam karteen haiin.
    mere 3 bachee hain or inshallah 10 b hoon to i wish k wo ALLAH k aek or MUHAMMED salal la ho aleh wasalam k akhri paigambr hone hi dawt sari zindagi dyte raheen

  9. Hi,

    He is bull shit man he have not any kind of seance how to talk and what to talk. Who given Dr. position to him? then I got that quality of collage.
    Hindi: are tum log apna dharm dekho jo char char shdiya karta hai dusreko mat dekho. allah ko bura bolte hai to dhuk tumhe to pakdke dhona chahiye

  10. I work in oman and hindu and love my religion,after working with arabs, i find there is no problem with arabs,pakistanis they are good people but indian muslims are fraud and engage in activities which are unislamics .This zakir naik and his family was schedule caste as he cannot leave his hindu family name “naik” ,may be his forefathers had converted to islam to escape the hindu caste system, as a grand children he has rage in his blood ,so he abusing hindus and trying to create uncomfortness. if he is so much knowledgable about islam then he should become the chief priest at AL-Haram mosque in saudi and try to get saudi passport instead of applying for british.

    and then he should try to solve the shia & sunni problem in the arabworld ,instead of putting finger in hindus.

    As a hindu ,i am very sorry to say that pakistanis are far better than indian muslims of bombay origin,our media and leaders should understand.

  11. Dr. Zakir is doing service to Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike. He is not interfering in any faith but gives correct information of the scriptures; if you like it take it otherwise he is not forcing; so don’t hate him.

    One need to reform as a person or as a believer. He is what he is and everybody is not perfect, mistakes happen; but he could be forgiven. Look positively and utilize his knowledge. Unnecessary criticism reveals our own image.
    God may protect him.

  12. I am very sorry for Grand fathers of Zakir Naik & Quaid e Azam Mohd Ali Jinnah, who, were low caste Hindu. Thery were converted due to untouchables problems & propaganda. Dear Muslim brothers. Very Sad! You people Abusing Hinduism. Do you know 99% of Muslims converted from Hinduism? What were the reasons behind changing to Islam? Well-known Killing, Rape, Jihad, Jizya tax, making slave etc. If do not known try to know it now. Please do not abuse your forefather’s.

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