SC’s Most Recent Move Encouraging

The Supreme Court’s most recent move to allow the government time to implement the NRO verdict is encouraging as it shows that the two institutions can work together when not being influenced by outsiders. As we have seen, confrontation actually slows down the process of getting things done as individuals are put on the defensive and are required to spend too much time making statements to dispel rumours when they could be doing the people’s business.

According to Dawn

A panel of five judges questioned Law Minister Babar Awan in court, giving him two weeks to submit a “concise” report and adjourning until June 10 its case over the collapse of the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

“There should be a clear reply as to what steps have been taken in implementing the NRO verdict and whether the government intends to implement the whole order or not,” said Justice Raja Fayyaz.

During the 90-minute hearing, Awan said the government was “meeting day and night” to implement the December 16 verdict.

This is a good move by the judiciary to defuse the tension that had grown to a worrying point for observers both at home and in the international community. The government can now prepare a proper response to the court to assure their Lordships that the verdict is being carried out in a way that respects both the law and the rights of the accused.

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