Who is promoting feudalism?

For many elite Pakistanis both at home and abroad, Zardari is the target of their accusations of feudalism. Actually, to these people it is a wonder that Zardari continues to maintain his office. Media and drawing room gossips have been predicting the downfall of the government since the day it was elected. And yet here we are today with Zardari still continuing in office despite taking attacks from all branches of the political establishment. How is it possible, many people wonder. Perhaps the answer was given over the weekend.

Following Burewala and Muzaffargarh by-elections, results seem to indicate that even though political establishment types might hate Zardari, real Pakistanis seem to think he’s doing a pretty good job.

PPP candidates’ success in Burewala and Muzaffargarh by-elections is an indication of people’s confidence in President Asif Ali Zardari, said Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan Affairs Minister Mian Manzoor Wattoo while talking to journalists here on Sunday.

He said Asif Ali Zardari was pursuing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s agenda for people’s welfare. He said the federal government was taking steps to overcome crises. People again showed confidence in Asif Ali Zardari in the by-elections, the minister said and added the government was adhering to politics of reconciliation. But it was not a weakness of the PPP, rather it adopted this attitude to strengthen democracy, the minister said.

The Gilgit and Baltistan Affairs minister said criticising things and people was very easy, but correcting faults and removing problems was always a difficult task. He said the PPP would welcome positive criticism, but would never let the democratic system derail.

Maybe the reason for this was very well explained by Shakir Husain – certainly it is easy to hate someone than to give them credit.

Our elites like to talk a lot about the problem of lingering feudalism in Pakistan. Perhaps they should look in a mirror. If the people are voting for their leaders, these are the people that should rightfully be in office – whether it is PPP, PML-N, MQM, ANP, or whatever party they vote for. For media types to constantly attack these officials to try to remove those officials elected by the people – isn’t that the real feudalism?


One thought on “Who is promoting feudalism?

  1. Come on! What game is being played with a gullible
    nation? That is already spinning through doldrums.
    I can’t find a feather to tickle myself awake or perhaps I should not and let myself stay in deep slumber.Show me one feudal lord who has not lost an election or won an election by honest means!If
    today the cold war we observe between Judiciary and the ruling party cum partners,its war between feudalism and the Judiciary that is trying to keep
    the balance on the scales.There is no such thing as being elected by the people in this country.We
    thrust ourselves upon the illiterate masses who serve as our vassals and force them to elect us or
    our kin.When this Prime Minister talks about power
    to the Parliament? He actually means power to the
    feudal lords.Shakir Hussain should rethink about
    the phrase Media Types.Had it not been for the moral courage of these journalists we as a nation
    would have been sold as vassals to vested interest
    and Mr Hussain along with his mentors enjoying the
    beaches of Dubai.

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