Be proud of what we have accomplished

Let us take a moment to celebrate Pakistan.

I feel as though I am scaling K2, and while I still have a long way to go, I look back and see I have come a long, long way. I can feel the closeness. It is with than pride that I write this, it is with a sense of validation with the Pakistani spirit.

Recent events – the Strategic Dialogues with the Americans, the Nuclear Summit with 47 other nations, and the passage of the 18th amendment – have been spectacular successes. The US and Pakistan renewed their vows of friendship and made gains on every topic during the Dialogues. The success of Prime Minister GIlani during the Summit was demonstrated for the entire world to see. But the real key is where we are at home, and to that end, the reasons to celebrate the 18th amendment’s passing cannot be exaggerated.

We have ended future possibility of dictatorship. No power-hungry, corrupt individual can take the reins of Pakistan, slam the Supreme Court, infringe upon the public’s civil liberties. That person will never have the respect of the multiple political parties currently hotly debating the key issues of the day. The PML-N, Q, PPP, etc are all in agreement: the time has come to allow democracy to be sustained.

That, reader, is why we should celebrate.

Congrats to the President for wisely steering the country to a better status in the world, congrats to the PPP government for understanding the legislative battles to fight and which to let go. Many thanks to all our Ambassadors and media folk alike, who pressed on for the changes we are now witnessing.

I am a realist. I focus on the work that needs to be done, I see that we are far from complete. However, I would hardly grudge anyone a moment to be proud…and Pakistan has lots to be proud of!

Slowly, we inch towards the Quaid’s vision. Surely, we will get there. Pakistan Zindabad.

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