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The Senate passed the 18th Amendment today, resulting an a roar of excitement on the floor of the Senate. The bill will go to President Zardari for his signature, and will undo the undemocratic measures adopted under Zia and Musharraf. Most importantly, though, the passage of the 18th Amendment demonstrates the power of Pakistan people to come together in unity for the promotion of democracy.

Express Tribune reports that the floor of the Senate erupted in excitement today as the 18th Amendment was passed.

The Senate resounded with desk thumping in approval of the 18th Amendment Bill being passed by the upper house, clearing the way for its implementation. Senate members raised slogans celebrating the landmark revival of the 1973 Constitution.

Members of the Parliament praised the president for the passage of the 18th Amendment.

Among the most important clauses which were approved with a majority consensus include:

– cancellation of the president’s power to dissolve the assemblies along with the removal of a bar on third time premiership.

– despite protests and unrest in the Hazara region against renaming of the NWFP, the clause was approved by the House unanimously.

– under the new amendments, the Election Commissioner will be appointed in consultation with the opposition leader.

– the number of cabinet members would be 11 per cent of the total membership of Parliament.

Later addressing the House, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani called it a historical day for Pakistan – one which saw all the democratic forces united on one platform.

PM Gilani spoke to the historic nature of the day, and the potential for democracy that was exhibited by all institutions working together.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that education and health were the government’s top priorities in the 18th Amendment bill.

Gilani said that he believed this was the first time in the country’s history that the president, the prime minister, both houses of the parliament and even the opposition, were on the same page.

Gilani added that on this occasion, the army was also supporting the current democratic regime. Speaking to the upper house of the parliament, he said that the whole nation is proud of the Senate for approving the 18th Amendment.

Today is truly a day for celebration, not only of what we have acheived, but what we have proven to be possible.

Pakistan Zindabad!

2 thoughts on “Unity, Democracy, History

  1. Now, this time also you (blogger) will contradict with me as the way you people advocate democracy as it is descended from the heavens. There is also a political, socio-econnomic system which is far better than democracy and this is the system of “Khilafah” based on Quran and Hadith. Why don’t we Muslims strive to establish such system in the world?? I know that you will have many objections on my these comments but I wanna ask that Hasn’t our religion guided us regarding our Political, Social, Economic systems etc.??

  2. Atiq brother this is an excellent question and I thank you for bringing it to the discussion. Our religion is not against democracy. Please allow me to explain before you stop reading. Actually, our religion is not only able to work with democracy, it requires it. The Khilafah that you speak of is not the continuation of the line from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Actually, like the false hadiths that you will hear these sheikhs reciting, it is only meant as a plot to grab power for one person and set himself up as the ultimate authority. But how can one man be the ultimate authority? Only Allah is God. Or do you think that Jabriel is going to come and whisper into the ear of this Kaliph? Because that, my brother, is against the belief that Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of Allah’s prophets. No, Allah has granted us brains and reason so that we may use them. He has told us so. And the Sunnah clearly shows the path for democratic organization. Look at Dustur-al-Medina. I beg of you to read Benazir Bhutto’s book that has the title “Reconciliation.” It is an excellent explanation of how anti-Muslim tyrants are growing beards in order to fool the masses and make themselves an idol for you to worship. Do not fall for their lies. Follow the way of Allah which is openness and love, not the way of Shaitan which is turning away from your fellow man and causing hate and violence. So, yes, I believe that our religion has guided us. But I think it has not guided us to some misguided inventions that are being sold as this new Khilafah. I can see that you are very intelligent. Use the brains that Allah gave you, brother, and you will see that I am not lying. We must create our own democracy – not be some client state of America or China. We must stand on our own, as Allah has shown us the way, so that we can be an example for all the other nations of a strong, democratic, peaceful Islamic nation that has all the benefits of a free democracy but also the jewel of Islam that sets us above. Do you disagree?

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