Revitalizing the NWFP

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said the comprehensive NWFP aid package will be a tremendous help to the troubled region.


Pakistanis have watched in agony as the NWFP and nearby areas have been ravaged with violence and terrorism. The government hopes that this thorough aid program will enable federal and local authorities to revitalize the economy and strengthen ties with minorities in the regions as well. Prime Minister Gilani stressed this package was a direct result of careful analysis, thoughtful research and democratic government.


Pakistanis everywhere can be proud of the Zardari administration’s initiative in this region sadly ignored by previous leaders. Not only do we see military intervention trying to defeat the militants, we see leaders who want to build up the local economies for the long-term future.


Inshallah these initiatives will succeed and we can one day see a strong NWFP.

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