Leading Saudi Cleric: “Al Qaeda is Haram”

In yet another sign of Islamic clergy taking a stand against terrorism, a senior Saudi cleric declared that joining Al-Qaeda is categorically haram and against all our faith stands for.

“Affiliation with the so-called Al Qaeda group is Haram”, or banned under Islamic teachings, Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al-Obeikan, a top religious scholar and an adviser in the court of King Abdullah, told Okaz newspaper.

Clerics are truly the key in this fight against extremists. Islam has been manipulated, exploited and turned into something monstrous, as it served as an effective cover for the goals of extremists. But Muslims everywhere are standing up against it, and an increasing number of clerics are choosing to weigh in on this issue as well.

Saudi Arabia is currently fighting internal extremism while also handling the external but equally dangerous situation unfolding in Yemen. It is our hope that more people recognize the issues facing the Muslim Ummah and continue to strive for peace.

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