We Must Sustain Democracy

The Chief of the PML-N, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, has stated in unequivocal terms his support of democracy and President Zardari’s administration.


In a press conference Wednesday, he acknowledged that throughout Pakistan’s history, no democratically-elected was allowed to complete its term, and that Pakistan was now in a position to end this pattern.


When one is looking at the political timeline of Pakistan, it becomes clear Pakistanis have always fought for democracy only to have it derailed. The first Constitution was adopted in 1956, only to be suspended in 1958. The Constitution of 1973 was suspended in 1977. On it went, through the decades and we are at a crossroads again.


Pakistani patriots and advocates of democracy should applaud Mr. Sharif’s support of democracy and backing of the government in power. Only when we respect and give fellow Pakistanis proper esteem can we grow as a nation and towards a brighter future.

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