India: Pakistan Not To Blame for 26/11

A most unexpected gift from across the border in India this weekend when Spokesperson for Congress – India’s ruling party, Rajiv Shukla – said many important statments about Pakistan. Mr. Shukla has said that Pakistan is not to blame for 26/11, and that Pakistan faces greater threats from terrorism than India. Said Mr. Shukla, Pakistan ‘faces Mumbai attacks every day.’

LAHORE: Spokesperson for Congress – India’s ruling party, Rajiv Shukla said that the Indian government does not blame the Pakistani government and people for the Mumbai attacks.

During an exclusive interview with DawnNews, Shukla said Pakistan currently faces greater challenges from terrorism than India and ‘faces Mumbai attacks every day.’

The Indian government, he said, has not given anti-Pakistan statements but only demanded that the perpetrators of 26/11 be brought to justice.

‘Pakistan bashing does not work anymore in Indian politics. And we do not blame the government or its people for 26/11.’

Shukla said if Pakistan and India fight terrorists together, then terrorism can end. ‘A prosperous Pakistan is in India’s best interest,’ he added.

To a question on Indian involvement in Balochistan, the Congress spokesman said that India is not creating disturbance in Balochistan and its presence in Afghanistan is only due to its involvement in the reconstruction work there.

Quoting the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on India-Pakistan relations, he said: ‘Pak-India relations is like an accident prone journey.’

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